Monday, October 5, 2009

No buy = no problem!

With generous and thoughtful quilter friends, this scrap quilter has no problems not spending money on fabric. Here's my latest bounty - a bagful of scraps from my quilter friend, Judi. Thanks for thinking of me, Judi! This was a long and miserable Monday, and receiving the scraps was the only bright spot until after work when I was able to spend time with my family.

Even though I have new scraps to play with, I haven't sewn yet. I arrived home on Saturday afternoon, and within 2 hours I was off to a cub scout campout with my boys. Fun, fun, fun!

Then, Sunday involved karate, some housework, and a sneak preview in our new home theater which is VERY CLOSE to being completed. We may never go to the movies again!
I am packed up (again!) and hit the road in the morning. Next weekend, however, I am determined to sew!