Friday, March 5, 2010

Reasons to smile

I'm afraid I don't have any quilty news to share. My life has been consumed by my job lately - I have 184 high school seniors coming to campus for a 3 day scholarship competition next week from all over the country & beyond (AK, Costa Rica and France included!) and the coordination of this effort has eaten up every spare moment. I haven't even been able to go to karate!

Without quilting and without karate and without getting to spend much time with my family, it can sometimes seem like I have no reason to smile. But I do! First, when I heard the kids' alarm clock this morning, I gave them the usual 10 minutes or so of waking up time, and then went up to make sure they were getting dressed. Not only were they getting dressed, they were getting dressed up - just because!

I love my kids!

And then, there's this big, fun auction this Saturday. My mom and I went last year and had a ball, and actually came home with quite a haul.

I invited her to come with me this year, and not only is she coming, but she's coming tonight for a sleepover, too!

I love my mom!

So, even on the days when I don't love my JOB, there are plenty of other things in my life for me to love. Have a happy Friday, everyone, and hopefully, I'll have something quilty to post by the time the weekend is over.