Friday, June 25, 2010


No, not state troopers.

No, not storm troopers.

I'm talking about my little troopers. These guys are up for any adventure! On Wednesday, it was riding across the island to check out West Tisbury, a town I had never been to despite all my visits to the island. There was a lovely bike path, but it was a 17 mile trip (round trip). There are many people who would have complained, but not my guys. Down the hills, they yelled, "I have a need for speed!" On the straightaways, they raced. Going up hills, they counted the pedals to get up the hill, and when it got to be too much, they cheerfully jumped off and pushed their bikes up the hills. I had so much fun!

Here they are pretending to be tired...

Yesterday, it was beach time. We went to State Beach, a serene water scene rather than the waves of the day two days previous. Of course, we brought boogie boards this time when there were no waves, and didn't have them when there were. That's OK, we'll get it right today. In the meantime, they made new friends, got thrown in by Daddy and generally just had a good time. The only frustrating part is that I'm not allowed to go swimming yet - argh! I could almost forget the sadness of last week if it weren't for that.

I didn't bring any quilting with me on this trip, just my backpack and my bike, so I don't have any of my own quilting photos to show you, but check out these cute quilts on the kids' beds in the bunkroom. I need to master applique so I can do something cute like these. I love all the different fabrics that were incorporated into these.

(OOPS! Did I wake you up, Donald?)

It has been a lovely week. Here is where we are staying:

But I'm also looking forward to next week at my twin sister's house. I love vacation!