Saturday, July 30, 2011

Keeping the postman busy

First of all, thanks everyone for your support on my last post. I see that I am not alone in needing some alone time to keep me sane and civil.

Quilting time also keeps me sane and civil, and I've been doing a bit here and there. I finished my Bee Block for July (hey, it's STILL July!). She asked for a star block with the red, white and blue solids that she sent. I enjoyed making this Morning Star block:

Then, Christina of A Few Scraps is calling for donated quilt blocks for the Black Rock Stitchery project at the Burning Man Festival in August. I don't really grasp the concept, but I was thrilled to throw together some orphan quilt block pieces to make some pretty random 12.5" blocks for her.

Random block:

Even more random (but look how I mitered the corner - boo ya!)

Totally random

So I'll be giving the postman some outgoing business, but check out what he has delivered for me lately:

My first completed Bee Block from the red, white and black fabrics I sent out with the little quilt sayings - I can't wait to see the blocks everyone comes up with and what I end up with when they are put together - definitely going to be a quilt for ME:

An awesome postcard from Joe Tulips to use as a sample for a project I want to do with the cub scouts this year (when it is not BEAUTIFYING my sewing room):

Oh, and a couple of fabrics that I accidentally bought one day during my lunch break when I forgot to bring lunch...(I've been bad, very bad)

But truly, I needed some more black and white and reds since I sent most of what I owned out with my August Bee fabrics

Everyone can always use a neutral

And I want to make a baby quilt with pieced airplane blocks, and this fabric is perfect to coordinate, right?

And I couldn't resist the name of this line - Surfing Monkeys. Ocean waves, heat waves and starfish - cute, cute, cute!

Green and yellow are colors that are pretty slim in my stash

And sometimes random stuff grabs your fancy.

I will say that everything was on sale...

OK, I admit it, I need an intervention...