Thursday, August 5, 2010

A giveaway for a great cause!

All you readers already know about my miscarriage. And I really appreciated the support you gave me during that difficult time. There's another blogger who recently had a miscarriage, and she received support from a local group to whom she is trying to give back - The Santa Barbara Birth Center. Apparently, the people there helped her through HER tough time, so she is raising money for them, and raffling off a Singer Featherweight and a bunch of fabric in the process.
Seems like a great cause to me, and a win-win proposition; I encourage you to check it out here!

In the red

While in the parking lot at the pool yesterday, Jason lost another tooth - his second in two weeks, and the fourth lost tooth in the family in the last 6 weeks. If they keep losing teeth at this rate, they are going to bankrupt me!

Speaking of being in the red, after we returned home from the pool, I went down to the quilt studio determined to sew together the rows of my ribbon quilt so I could get it off my design wall. But I had just a tiny bit of red thread on a spool on the machine left over from my CD holder project so I decided to sew together some of my red 1.5" squares to use that up before switching spools. Well, I got carried away.

I love making words with these scraps. I'll never make a dent in my stash or my scraps if I keep using such tiny pieces, but this was a fun exercise. The beginnings of a color quilt perhaps...

The ribbon quilt remains on the design wall, untouched.