Saturday, October 13, 2012

A - ma- zing!!!

That was my day - just AMAZING!

I got home last night and packed up the car for Mountain Days, a street festival and craft fair in neighboring Buena Vista.  I didn't get much sleep, because I got the bright idea to make up some items (travel tissue covers, denim backed bookmarks and a travel neck pillow) in some pink ribbon fabric that I picked up at a quilt shop in West Virginia.  The idea was to sell those items at my regular cost, but for all of the proceeds to be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation with a matching donation from me - a way to double my donation.

Today dawned bright and crisp and beautiful, and the kids and I headed out to set up the booth.  My expectations were low - I figured I'd have fun meeting new people and hand quilting, and possibly sell a few things, too.


I had fun meeting people and hand quilting, but sold OVER HALF of my inventory!  I sold at least one of everything I had out there - earrings and bookmarks and travel neck pillows and composition book covers and crayon rolls and gift card key rings and denim aprons and pillowcase aprons and a baby quilt and even my Flurry quilt top made from the ugliest Christmas fabrics on earth that wasn't even for sale!

I am high on my success!!  And dreaming of the fabric and batting and notions I can purchase with my earnings!!

Don't I look like I am in my element, hand quilting out there on the streets of Buena Vista, Virginia?
I discovered this photo on Facebook this afternoon when I got home. See that quilt? When I finally finish it, it will be for ME!
And guess what?  A woman approached me and asked if I would teach a class to kids in a local afterschool program (paid!) and another woman told me she owns a Bed and Breakfast and is thinking of doing theme weekends, and would I consider teaching a class to her guests?  We'll see if anything comes of either of these, but it sure feels nice to be wanted!

OK, enough bragging.  Suffice it to say I had a great day.  And I had the foresight to put dinner in the crockpot before I left home, so I came home to a fragrant home and a hot meal.  Aaaahhhh!

Last thing, in addition to making pink ribbon items last night, I also made a new composition book cover.  I've never made anything with yo-yos before, but I inherited a baggie of them a while back and never knew what to do with them.  I can see several of them finding their way onto notebook covers in the near future.

Making these notebook covers is ADDICTIVE!!!  This one got fondled many times today, mostly by pre-teen girls whose parents wouldn't buy them anything.  Into my ETSY shop it goes!  Thank goodness, too, since I had to deactivate over a dozen listings after they sold today.  I need to make more inventory,  but not today.  For now, it is hot soup and Netflix shows and my bed.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!