Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red and Green: A Winning Combination!

Second Place in the Youth Division of the Quilt Show at the 2010 Rockbridge County Fair goes to...JASON HUTCHINSON!!!

Honorable Mention in the Hand Quilting Division of the Quilt Show at the 2010 Rockbridge County Fair goes to...ERIN HUTCHINSON

First Place in Hand Quilting and BEST IN SHOW went to this beauty...

Look at the hand quilting on this! (Caution - your arthritis might flare up just looking at this.)

Second Place in Hand Quilting went to this one by the same woman who won first place (she sweeps prizes with her quilts every year - she is SO talented!)...

I love the variegated thread she used to quilt it! Genius!

It was a happy night at the fair last night. Not only did we visit the quilts, but we rode the rides for 3 hours straight! The kids helped me swallow my fear of heights and ride the Ferris Wheel and all the other high, spinning (SCARY) rides. They are finally tall enough that they can basically ride anything they wanted (translate - EVERYTHING!). Donald and I were whirling dervishes in the Bumper Cars (might as well let him steer - I can never make those things go the way I want to go).

And guess what? The heavier you are, the faster you go on the slide (never mind that the woman managing the ride gave me a little push to give me a head start). Jason and Donald, eat my dust! (No, I didn't spend the entire evening with my arms flung up in the air.)

And now, some recent acquisitions. I stopped at the Habitat Resale Store yesterday when I had half an hour to spare, and look at these cuties that I found in a sandwich bag for a quarter. There are eleven of them, and I think they will find themselves in a mini strip quilt very soon.

And two "just because" gifts from my mother-in-law to decorate my quilt studio, framed prints of some neat, scrappy mini quilts.

I'm wishing it were the weekend so I could be finishing up the tying of my orphan picnic quilt. I am determined to take it to the drive-in with us next weekend for Marmaduke and Grown-Ups. (I need a real name for this quilt. Any ideas, anyone?)
In the meantime, I'm going to hit up the coffeepot and get back to work. Happy Thursday, everyone!