Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's probably better this way

Sometimes I dream about having a little girl.  Someone who likes unicorns and rainbows and fairies instead of dinosaurs and superheros and weapons.  Someone I can dress in pretty colors and flouncy skirts.  Someone I can make things for and with.  Now don't get me wrong - I make things for and with my boys, but somehow, I just feel it would be different.  In fact, I'd probably end up making and wearing things with her like this Mommy and Me apron set that I made yesterday.

There'd be lots of photos of us wearing our coordinated outfits, smiling into the camera as she snuggles into my side.  It would be cute...for a while.  And then she'd turn into a teenager and resent me for squashing her toddler independence by making her dress like me and wouldn't speak to me outside of a growl or a shriek for 5 years.  Perhaps it is better this way...

Oh well.  They were still fun to make.  The pockets are roomy and sturdy, reinforced by leftover denim.

The apron body is, of course, made from upcycled jeans and the pockets and trim are all from an upcycled pillowcase. I love the pillowcases with the accents on the cuff; they make for neat pockets.

We'll see if someone at the festival this weekend thinks the aprons are as cute as I do.