Friday, January 1, 2010

Renaissance Family Day

I woke at 4:30 AM to take my sister and her family to the airport to go back home. :(

When I got back home at 7:45 AM, I went back to sleep until 11:00 AM. :)

When I finally got up, I played dominoes with the boys, and then forgave Jason for beating me so badly (little twerp! Shouldn't we parents get to win for at least a little while after we teach them a new game? It is hard on the ego to consistently lose to a 7 year old!) and agreed to help him work on his quilt for a while. He has been pestering me for some time now - he is hoping to get another ribbon at the fair this year - and after helping my sister all day yesterday, I couldn't really say "no" now, could I?

He already had the fabric picked out from before, so he ironed **Angela - do you see the placemat you sent me for Pay It Forward? I keep in on my cutting table when I am not cutting and I LOVE it - thanks!**

and I cut (see my new self-healing cutting mat I got for Xmas? It is so big it doesn't fit on my cutting table! I am absolutely thrilled, because my last mat is nearly shredded at this point),

and he sewed,

and sewed,

and sewed.

I couldn't be more proud! We need to buy more black flannel, but I think you can tell from the design wall what he is doing. One side of the quilt has hunting and fishing fabrics, and the other side has wild animal (African? Jungle?) prints. It's going to be pretty cool! And we decided that it will be the perfect size for a car blanket. (After all, I don't want him making this just for a ribbon at the fair, I want him to make it to be functional, too.) **Cheryl - do you see some of the fabrics you sent me in there? He snapped up the bits I didn't need for my buzzsaw quilt faster than you can say "please"!**

Once we did all we could do without the extra black flannel, we practiced our karate. Now he and Donald are watching BOLT while I catch up on blogs. Happy New Year, everyone! Mine has started out GREAT! I hope yours is, too!