Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can you guess?

I carry my camera around with me nearly everywhere, but I am constantly forgetting to take it out and take photos. Yesterday would have been a good day to remember it. After work, Jason and I went to karate. I was very careful to make sure to bring our karate bags, but I wasn't careful enough to make sure that my uniform was actually in the bag. So picture me yesterday in karate class, barefoot, with my green belt tied around my waist, dressed in cordoroys and a turtleneck. And wouldn't you know it was a day when we did rolls and falls and kicks. The uniform is MUCH more comfortable for such maneuvers.

After karate, cub scouts. We made windlasses out of old milk containers and string and plastic cups and pencils and paper clips, and then we had a male college student come teach us some tumbling moves. The missed photo op came at the end when all of the parents got out on the mats to see if they could do headstands. I haven't done one in at least 25 years, but I'm proud to say I got up there!

I had hoped to have a sketch of my planned quilt for Jason to share by now, but alas, I am realizing my limitations as an artist. I may need to ask one of my more creative co-workers for some help. But here are the fabrics I bought for the project. All fabrics are here except one, purple, which goes in between orange and green. Can you guess what kind of quilt I am making for him?
One final word. You know how if you announce something to the world, you are sometimes more committed to it? Well, our karate school is doing a fitness challenge to lose 500 lbs as a school, both to get fit, but also as a fundraiser to raise money for the PE programs in the local schools which have had their funding slashed. My own personal goal is 10 lbs, and we have until Memorial Day (May 31) to get there. We weighed in for the first time last Monday (I knew there was a reason I don't have a scale in my home! Ugh!), and they require us to weigh in every week. Instead of losing weight, I GAINED a pound this week! So, while I am loathe to change my eating habits or my exercise habits, something must be done. I am too competitive to not rise to this challenge. So today, I donned my sneakers at lunch, and walked about town running some errands. I'm leaving them here under my desk - I'm hoping that walking every day will help at least a little bit.