Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I sewed and sewed and last night, at an hour when I should have been sleeping, I finished my Scrappy Star quilt top! Here it is on my bed - it isn't big enough for my queen bed, but it may find its way onto one of the kids' twin beds when it finally gets quilted.

While I was admiring the corners (thanks, everyone, for your design ideas!),

it brought to mind my Crossing Paths quilt

where I did something similar with the corners.

And do you notice the border fabric? It is the same in both quilts! Who knew? It is a fabric that I had lots of but didn't really like, so I thought I would use it for a border - twice, I guess. I'm nothing if not consistent, apparently.

Those quilts looked so nice on my bed, I thought I'd pull out my other bed-sized tops to daydream about having a quilt on my own bed one day. Here's the one I started quilting 3 years ago, intended for my own bed. Lots of quilting still to go.

I think I am planning to one day gift this one to my father-in-law; the rich colors remind me of him, as he is quite the colorful character.

And then there's my last finish, still a favorite.

And who can forget the enormous 100" X 100" big block quilt - it is so big that you can't even really see the design on my queen bed.

Once I had all these quilt tops piled up on my bed, it took all my willpower not to snuggle down underneath the lot of them, but instead I put them away, determined to actually get them quilted someday.

But first, there is my New Year's Eve challenge. I managed a few more blocks on my buzzsaw quilt

plus I received squishy mail from Cheryl with four more flannels to add to the mix. Thanks, Cheryl! They are already washed, and will become blocks very soon!

Well, it appears that I have lots of quilting to do, so I suppose I should get to it!