Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crunch Time!

I wish I were spending more time in Blogland, but it is crunch time for me.  I entered my Pick and Choose quilt in the county fair this year, but it isn't done yet! 
I started quilting this quilt LAST summer, and I'm STILL not done!  Granted, I've finished several other quilts in the meantime, but SHEESH!
I have to turn it in on Monday morning.  I am quilting every chance I get.  I took the kids to the pool yesterday, and sat in the shade quilting while they were swimming.  We watched Eragon last night since we listened to the book on CD while driving all over creation on vacation, and I sat there with my LED neck lamp in our darkened movie theater so I could see to quilt while watching the movie.  I've been carrying my quilt back and forth to work every day so I can work on it during my lunch breaks.  I'm going to be known around town as "that crazy quilt lady!" carrying a quilt with me everywhere I go, but I have got to get it done!

Other than that, no sewing per se, but I did make some Scrabble tile earrings for myself and my sisters and my mom while on vacation this year
E is for ERIN!  Well, for Ericka in this photo since that is my sister's ear, but we're identical twins - that's what my ear looks like, too!
and got so many favorable comments about them from complete strangers while wearing them, that I spent some time last weekend making more (13 pair!) and put them in my ETSY shop

My head is spinning with all kinds of new and exciting projects I'd like to be working on, but first, I MUST FINISH THIS QUILT!