Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I may not be ready for Christmas

...but Donald (aka Santa Claus) is! Here he is in his (recliner) sleigh with his (amazingly tiny, black) bag of toys, and all of his reindeer lined up and ready for take off!

After I wandered into the living room, found him thus and snapped a photo, I went into the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee. I nearly spit it out laughing when I heard him mutter, "Oh man! We've got to go back to the North Pole. I forgot something!"

(He gets that from me; I hustle the kids out of the house every morning only to have to come back one out of five times because I've forgotten something.)

Oh, and remember the quilt shop that was going out of business where I bought lots of fabric last month? Well, yesterday was their last day. I just had to go down and say goodbye. It just so happened that I bought some fabric while there, too. Lots of it. All at 45% off since I finished the bolt for all the fabric I chose. Now I'm prepared to make lots of Christmas presents for next year, too! (at least that's how I rationalized this purchase of 33 yards of 19 different fabrics to myself - Mrs. P, I don't want to hear even one tiny snicker!)

(Stripes, which I've been collecting for a striped quilt, and while I enjoy making wonky letters, these pre-printed letters could come in mighty handy!)

(Don't laugh, but when the proprietress asked if I was looking for something in particular, I told her I wanted to "brighten my stash". I think I bought one bright fabric. Oh well, you like what you like.)

(I did manage to pick up a couple 30's repros, as well as some of the Virginia Quilt Museum fabrics, which I love. I also had to pick up those flower panels because I have a tiny bit of that in my stash, but not really enough to make anything with. Now, I do!)

Do any of you remember the old Dunkin' Donuts commercials where the guy mutters, "Time to make the donuts..." That's me, only it's "Time to sew on binding..."

May you finish all your Christmas projects before midnight, December 24th!