Sunday, July 9, 2017

MAJOR changes in my life

My 2017 Row By Row Experience Row, "On the Go from Dawn til Dusk" really encapsulates my life right now.
I challenged myself to write a paper pieced pattern.  I don't like it as much as last year's row, but what can you do?
Four years ago, I reinvented myself.  I went from college admissions professional to yarn/sewing shop owner/operator, and it has been a fabulously fun ride.  Well, I'll be reinventing myself again in the coming weeks.  In bullet point form:
  • In late March/early April, my husband's job security was threatened.
  • Recognizing full well that I can't support my family with my shop and that there wouldn't be other job opportunities for my husband in this area if he were to lose his job, in early April, I did what any responsible person would do when threatened with financial insecurity - I applied for some jobs.  I focused my search on western Massachusetts since it is an area that we know and love, because it would be near the majority of my family, and because I knew there'd be a job available there for my husband if we moved up there.
  • On April 30, I flew up for an interview at Deerfield Academy to become one of their college advisors.
  • On May 3, I was offered this fabulous job, and that weekend, the whole family drove up to check out the school to make sure the whole family was on board.  They were.
  • For the last two months, I have been going through the motions of selling my house and selling my business.  There have been lots of looks for both of them, and I have buyers for my business.  I'll be transferring assets to them on July 31, and my new job in Massachusetts starts August 15.  In the meantime, my husband and kids went up to New England as we do every summer for basketball camp and time with the cousins.  The only difference is that this time, they aren't coming back home.  I'm down here in Virginia alone, wrapping things up.  My husband started his new job up there with the Amherst College basketball program on July 1.
What a whirlwind of EMOTIONS I've been feeling, never mind the whirlwind of activity.  I've cried at leaving the place that has been home for me the longest of any in my entire life, the house and view that I've so enjoyed, the friends who have been so incredibly supportive of me, and the business that I started with $3000 and a dream.  I've rejoiced at reuniting with my family, at leaving behind an area pervasive with a complement of folks that I just don't understand (are you following this KKK nonsense?  KKK in 2017, are you kidding me???), at the thrill I feel with change of any kind.  I've reflected quite a bit about what is and isn't important to me, from the mundane task of purging as I pack up for a move to the adjusting of my expectations for the very different lifestyle that awaits me in MA.

Throughout it all, my creative life has sustained me, kept me grounded, kept me sane.  I have knit up a storm, finishing a Little Big Wrap
Yes, I'm a goofball, and yes, this photo was taken late at night in terrible light.
and starting a new one with eight others at the shop as one final knit-along before I leave.  I also knit up five A Little Bit Bohemian scarf/shawlettes for my sister's 40th birthday celebration.
I am SO going to miss the views from my porch!
Last weekend, eight of us spent 48 fabulous hours at Kripalu, a yoga retreat in Western Mass.  I didn't know two of the folks were coming until it was too late to make a shawlette for them, so I only finished one for each of my sisters and sister in law, my mom and my aunt.  Of course, it was too hot and humid to wear them, but it's the thought that counts, right?  And the cool weather always returns.

I've also been sewing with folks at the shop: a playdate where the girls made sleeping bags, pillows and pillowcases for their American Girl dolls,
We made a no-zip version to cut down on time. The pillowcases were made using the burrito method.
Grandma Camp where three generations of women made aprons,
I'm going to miss working with this crew.
and helping one of my beginning quilting students finish her first project.

She has since gotten it quilted, but I'll be darned if I can find a photo!
With so much to do, it would be easy to just stay "on the go from dawn til dusk", but I've really been making an effort to take some time for myself - spending some time with the people I'm going to miss so much when I leave, and spending time feeding my creative soul with some quiet time with yarn and fabric.  And one thing I really wanted to fit in was sharing a bit of this journey with YOU.  While I don't blog as much as I did before I started my business, this online community has been so important to me for years.  I imagine I'll be leaning in to it a bit more as I make my move and have to find my new place in the world.  Thank you for being there for me.

Now, since I'm on the computer, I suppose I should get some more items online in my ETSY shop (I've been selling off the yarn and fabric that the new owners aren't buying at discount prices - I can't take it ALL with me!), but maybe that can wait until I spend some time with a book and a beverage on the porch...