Monday, January 29, 2018

Slow and steady progress

While the weekend is usually my time to create, I spent this weekend watching my 7 year old nephew and my two year old niece.  Boy, am I out of practice doing 24/7 duty with little ones!  I'm still exhausted, a day later!  But I sure do love the fact that I am close enough to spend time with family.
I read 4782 books to my niece over the weekend.  Leo, our bearded dragon, likes looking at the pictures.
So, not too much progress on my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, On Ringo Lake.  Four blocks down, forty-six to go!
I still have some brown flying geese to make, but I'm making them as I make the blocks to break up the monotony of making so many geese.
I'm keeping up with my Temperature Quilt daily.  It is fun to spend 5 minutes each morning working on it before work.  I look up the high and low temperature for my town from the day before on Weather Underground, record it on my worksheet, pull out the appropriate colors, and then sew the one seam.  Easy peasy!
I've sewn consecutive day blocks together when possible.  See all that yellow?  Warm January!
However, I'm still missing eleven of the thirty fabrics I need for the project, so I have only been able to make 15 of the 28 blocks for the month of January so far.  I went back to my local quilt shop to see if they had gotten more Kona Solids in, but no.  I tried to shop local...but I don't want to wait any longer!  I placed my first ever order with Missouri Star Quilt Company; I love the tutorials so I thought I'd give the shopping experience a try.  Besides, I always hear about those Daily Deals - I want to see what those are all about.

We get a four day weekend this weekend coming up - I foresee lots of sewing in my future!

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