Saturday, September 19, 2009

I fell in love, again!

No, not with a person (my husband is lodged so deeply in my heart that no one will ever usurp his position there) but with a quilt. I made several calls to Costa Rica yesterday to finalize my trip. Each time, I was on hold FOREVER while they tried to find the person to whom I needed to speak. I kid you not, one time I was transfered 8 times! That's OK, it is a perfect opportunity to catch up on blogs, right? Well, I was cruising along Vera's blog, and came across this quilt. It was love at first sight.

Now, of course, I have no business starting anything else. So I just made one of each block so I'll remember to make this quilt. At least that's what I told myself starting out. After all, since I have so many scraps pre-cut into various sizes, there was no cutting involved. In fact, I already had a bunch of four-patches for the star centers, so I didn't have to construct those. It is just TOO EASY to start something new!

I am just itching to work on this some more. Unfortunately, I have to go to work this morning (yes, it is Saturday, and yes, I worked all week. I am working every Saturday until November 14 - ugh!). Then this evening I am volunteering at the drive-in again. Maybe I can get some sewing done this afternoon? We'll see.