Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goodbye, old friend

My friend and co-worker of 10 years died today.  I was going to visit him last week, but I didn't.  I was afraid of being an emotional windowpane, afraid of being unable to mask my emotions while there, and afraid of doing more harm than good.  "This week," I told myself, "I'll go see him this week."

I'm not going to make the same mistake with his wife, a talented and prolific quilter that I've known for just as long, albeit in a different context.  I will go to see her, and hug her tightly,  and if I wet her shoulder with my tears, so be it.  Being strong is for the birds.  I waited until I was strong enough to say goodbye to my friend, and I waited too long. I hope he was able to tell from my card how much he meant to me and how much I will miss him.

Goodbye, Russ.  I'm happy that you are no longer in pain.  I'll see you again on the other side.