Friday, July 16, 2010

Off my rocker?

After work yesterday, I loaded the kids in the car and we headed over the mountain to my mom's house. I love this drive, curving up and down the hills with a canopy of leaves overhead.

And along this drive, there is an old abandoned storefront that I fantasize about buying and fixing up and turning into a quilt shop of some sort.

Don't you just love the name?

A crazy idea, I know. For many reasons, a few being...
1) It is 45 minutes and one (small) mountain range away from my house
2) It needs A LOT of work and I have NO money
3) It is in the middle of nowhere - who would come there?
4) It is tiny!

But I can still dream, right?

I had a great visit with mom. We caught up, chatting on her bed while I mended a place in her quilt where the binding was coming loose - her quilt is still one of my favorites I've ever made.
I also finished putting the sleeves on Jason and my quilt for the fair. Yeah, that was a sickening moment two days ago when I realized that all fair entries needed hanging sleeves and I hadn't done that yet. I hope they don't judge on sleeve contruction because I just basted a strip of fabric on the back of both of our quilts, in part because I didn't have time for more, and in part because I am planning to take them off again as soon as the fair is over - these are both quilts to be used. I just turned them in this morning. Keep your fingers crossed that Jason wins a ribbon again this year. His quilt is not perfect, but he worked SO hard on it, and is understandably proud.

Then we all journeyed to my brother's girlfriend's house for a cookout. My brother is a GRILLMASTER!

and so darned cute!

So is my mom, although she hates having her picture taken so you have to sneak up on her or take photos from afar.

The kids had a great time running around with the other kids and the dog

But by the end of the night...

(they did this to themselves, it was not me, I swear!)
I was seriously happy but dragging by the time we made it home last night, but I perked up when I saw that my husband had surprised us by coming home early from his recruiting trip. Gotta love family time!