Thursday, March 24, 2011

My tiny contribution for Japan

I had to hem my son's karate pants before our Pre-Black Belt test this coming Saturday. Hemming - ICK! I was avoiding the sewing room so I wouldn't have to do it. But then I saw that Beth is collecting blocks to make a quilt (or two? or three?) to send to Japan. That got me down into the sewing room in a jiffy. I've been a bit paralysed by the enormity of the troubles in Japan, and feeling a bit helpless to do anything about it besides send money. But a quilt block, that I can manage. Especially since it is a scrappy one that can be made from units that I already have pre-cut in my scrap tins. In no time at all, I had made FOUR blocks to send.

I wonder how she's going to lay them out - perhaps like this?

Thanks, Beth, for mobilizing me into some sort of action, no matter how small.

And check out what was in the mail for me when I got home:

Thank you, Nancy, for the lovely apron and the books. My friends are the greatest! I made a new chicken curry recipe last night with mango and raisins (pretty adventurouse for me) while wearing that apron and SUCCESS - NO LEFTOVERS! Even my 5-year-old ate some! It must have been the apron!

(Oh, and I DID hem the pants. Yay, me!)