Sunday, March 6, 2011

One star, one orphan and 3 experiments

How I love an opportunity to sew just one block and feel like I've accomplished something! When I stumbled across the JUST ONE STAR challenge at Moda, supporting the Quilts of Valor Program, I knew I had found something I wanted to participate in. Here's my block - quick and easy:

But there were some itty bitty bonus triangles left over when I made the block. Rather than throw them away, I thought I'd see if they were big enough to make something with. This little baby Monkey Wrench measures 2" unfinished.

Very cute, but so much work! (much like real babies, I guess) I love the look of minature quilts, but seriously, it is as much work as a big quilt, but without the functionality. This little baby will not be getting any siblings. I suppose he'll find his way into an orphan quilt one day - right now he's hanging out on one of the design walls with all the other orphans.

While I enjoyed making the star and the monkey wrench blocks, they are all made of just two fabrics. Those who know me know, that just isn't enough! I need more variety, some scrappiness! So, as my leader and ender while I worked on these, I played around with some of my 1.5" squares since they have long since overflown their tin and are puddling around and making a mess of themselves. A four-patch of one color, surrounded by a border of another color, and floating in some 4.5" squares cut on the diagonal, a size that I have realized I pretty much never use and should probably eliminate from my stash management system. I'd need to make more of these 6.5" blocks before I decide if I'll actually pursue a top with these blocks, but for now, fun, fun, fun!

Hmmm, maybe they could be border blocks for something...

Anyway, it is raining cats and dogs outside today, which is perfectly fine with me; no guilt at all about staying inside today, reading (Jacobs Ladder by Lizbie Brown), stitching and sipping a warm beverage. Enjoy your Sunday!