Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Enough already!

OK, guys, the fun is over, I am ready to go home. I am ready to trade these luxury hotels for my untidy home. I am ready to trade these solicitous waitpeople for my challenging children. I am ready to drive myself to work instead of having a chauffeur. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I miss my family, my house, my life.

I also miss sewing. I haven't done much sewing on this trip. The times when I could sit still and sew are in the airport, but after last year's highway (airport) robbery where TSA took all my needles and pins, I have put my sewing into my checked baggage. Oh well.

I have been able to read, though. I read "The Cat, The Quilt and The Corpse" by Leann Sweeney. I'd never heard of it before last week, but I enjoyed it. It is the first of the Cats In Trouble series. The protagonist is a quilter and cat-lover, and solves her first mystery. A classic cozy. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered the second book, "The Cat, The Professor and The Poison."

Then, I read Threading The Needle by Marie Bostwick. I'm in love with her town and her characters and the lives that they create for themselves. I have, and have enjoyed, all 4 of the Cobbled Court Quilts series.

Now I am starting Arlene Sachitano's Quilter's Knot. I've already read the first and the third in the series, and now I've added the second and the fourth to my collection. Honestly, they aren't my favorites because I don't feel all that connected to the characters, perhaps I need more character development, but I can't resist quilt fiction of any kind.

Anyway, some highlights from my trip so far (again, no photos because I have no way to transfer them on here yet):
In Mexico City - visiting El Castillo de Chapultepec (an honest to goodness castle!)
In Costa Rica - conquering my fear of heights and doing a zip line tour of the San Luis Canopy
In Guayaquil (Ecuador) - visiting El Parque de los Iguanas (no joke guys, a park with iguanas walking around everywhere freely amongst people - you could even PET them - I didn't)

Now I'm in Quito. There will be some shopping in my future for trinkets for my family and co-workers, but other than that and giving my spiel over and over and over (and over) at schools for the next two days, I think I will stay close to the hotel and just relax. I am exhausted! Please sew a few extra seams for me!