Monday, August 13, 2018

I finally got a chance to SEW!

WOW!  This summer has been an adventure!  I didn't plan any big trips, but I've spent time with family and friends in New Hampshire, enjoyed a long weekend on Martha's Vineyard, caught up with my college roommates and their kiddos in Vermont, hosted some Virginia friends here in my home - and to top it all off, I moved!  It's no wonder that it has been WEEKS since I have sewn!  But I've been feeling the itch, so today, I squirreled myself away in my new office/sewing room and SEWED!

My temperature quilt is up to date through the end of July.
This is actually only through July 22, but I have July 23-July 31 completed as well.
I hope to get caught up through present day tomorrow.  My other most pressing goal is to complete my Flutterby top before school starts in a couple weeks, as I need to get it to the long arm quilter so it can be quilted and then donated for a fundraiser. (I know, I LOVE that quilt top, but I can always make another, right?)

One thing I have been able to do throughout all this summer activity is knit.  I have finished my second Little Big Wrap (LBW), and now it just needs blocking.

This is actually a photo of the first one I made but gave away.  The one I just finished is EXACTLY the same, just not blocked yet.  Can't wait to wear it when the weather cools.
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