Monday, August 9, 2010

Just another day in paradise

Mother Nature pulled out all the stops and gave us a breathtakingly beautiful weekend! I spent quite a bit of yesterday outside, doing more laundry (did the final wash of my Bright Future quilt - after Show and Tell this weekend, it will be winging its way across the country to a new baby, due in September, so I couldn't resist taking a final photo of it),

checking out the fort the kids built in the woods behind our house,

picking blackberries (what a long, plentiful season this has been!), and going down to the creek with the kids to splash around,

(Water-bending like Aang in The Last Airbender - he was so disappointed when it didn't work)

While inside, I cleaned bathrooms (YUCK!) but only so I wouldn't feel guilty about the time I spent birthing my Christmas Tree Skirt (no more photos until it is done, hopefully by Thursday), sewing together a couple of rows of the ribbon quilt ( I VOW to have the top finished by Show and Tell on Saturday!) and playing with my 1.5" scraps. Yesterday I chose blue.

Judging from my inclination to create the short words first, can you guess what color I'll be working on next?

To round out the evening, I watched my Netflix movie, Up in the Air, while hand quilting, a little on my 4th of July Tablerunner and a little on my Christmas Tree Skirt. A perfect day!