Friday, September 10, 2010

Introducing my husband!

My husband has finally been convinced to contribute to a blog at work. He wrote his first entry this week. Can you say COMEDY? He agonized over it like it was a graded essay! He read it to me over and over and over... it was so endearing!

Obviously, he and I are very different. He is an extremely private person who is not interested in sharing his thoughts/feelings/experiences with many outside a very close circle. I'm about as transparent as a sheet of glass - my thoughts, feelings, experiences are all right there for everyone to see. His blog entry is a philosophical treatise that all ties together nicely at the end. My entries are stream of consciousness blather with punctuation and capitalization thrown in (my high school English teacher made QUITE an impression on me).

I encourage you to take a peek and see/hear/experience the man I share my life with. Many people think he is quiet, but they don't know the real him. The man can TALK! And WRITE, too, if the length of his post is any indication. But I found it pretty interesting, and hope you will, too. There are some funny kid stories in there, and one of my favorite photos of Jason of all time. husband!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Travel season starts for me tomorrow, and I am off to Atlanta, GA, but first, tonight, the guild is hosting Jane Hall for a trunk show. Fun, fun, fun!