Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Flying Right Along!

I FINALLY pieced a back for my niece's log cabin quilt.  I don't know what my problem is - I will put a million pieces together to make a quilt top, but if my backing fabric isn't big enough, I screech to a halt at the thought of piecing a backing.  However, my sister is coming for a visit at the beginning of April with my niece and nephew, and I'd love to send my niece's quilt home with them.  I got the back pieced and the quilt sandwiched in about an hour and a half, and have spent several hours hand quilting it so far.
The front of little Cecelia's quilt
The pieced back of Cecelia's quilt - happy to report that I completely used up those scraps in the back!
I've also now received all of my Block Lotto winnings from January, so it is time to PLAY with layout.  I am determined to get these sewn into a top SOONER rather than later - I love them!  I think I'm going to make a few more blocks, though...

And look what I picked up at an auction earlier this week!  I spied this cute little wooden sewing box, which, in reality, isn't in the best shape, but when I opened it up and saw all the wooden spools, I just HAD to have it!

Life is good.

The sun is shining, and the temps are mild.

I have finished reading application files for the season, so my free time is back to being my free time.

My mom is here for a visit.

Lots of fun things are happening at my shop.

Life is GOOD!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I hate piecing backs, too. You aren't alone.

Chiska said...

I love the front and the back! I don't know what it is about log cabins but I love them. Your block lotto blocks are pretty awesome too.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Lucky you to win those blocks! Your log cabin is pretty too. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Julie Fukuda said...

It would have to be a pretty small quilt not to have a pieced back so may as well be creative and use up some scraps.