Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where to start??

Look what arrived in the mail today!!!  I love it when I preorder something and it just shows up out of the blue one day.  Such a treat!

I opened it up and read it cover to cover.  I've been saving selvages for eons - it just speaks to the scrap quilter in me.  I've even made a couple of small selvage projects.  But now I am energized and really want to get started sewing with selvages in earnest!

Where to start?  I think this valance would look really cute above the fabric section in my shop, never mind that there's no window there.

Or I could whip up a couple of these adorable pincushions in no time flat.

Of course, the goal is to complete a selvage quilt to cuddle under.  All in good time.

I'm so happy for Riel.  This book is wonderful - colorful, inspiring, entertaining (if you read it, don't skip the Afterword!) - and I have been loving her selvage quilts for years now.  For that matter, I also loved her novel, The Town That Drowned, which I also preordered when it was first released.  Such talent and creativity - I think I may have a "girl crush"!


The Cozy Quilter said...

I feel a new project coming on....

I have made a few selvage quilts. Very fun, but I have to warn you that selvages, like scraps, breed in your sewing room when you leave the room. Don't say I did not warn you... It is a slippery slope!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have a friend who made a selvage quilt. They are very heavy, but, lovely. I used cheater selvage fabric to cover my sewing chair. A friend made me a tiny stocking with selvages. It hangs by my computer, year round. Have fun making the selvage valance. Who needs a window???

Riel Nason said...

Erin, You are just the best. Thank you for buying the book and thank you for this wonderful post!!!! Have fun with your selvages. I am sure you will create something wonderful. :-)