Monday, December 13, 2010


Overcast. That word held many meanings for my Sunday.

First, it was the weather. Blah. Gray, cold, a perfect day for staying inside, which I did. I would have liked to just sew, but the filth in my house got to be too much, so I spent the morning cleaning. I have to say that, when I did go down to sew, it was without the guilt that sometimes accompanies me as I do what I want to do, rather than what I should do.

Second, it was a stitch that I employed for the first time as I made two additional T-Shirt Drawstring Backpacks for my sister and her son. I may need to go back to my niece's skirt and employ the overcast stitch in a couple places there so that her seams don't unravel.

I like that the t-shirts they gave me had images on both sides so these bags are reversible.

Third, overcast described my mood. Six students from my university were involved in a car accident, and two of them were quite banged up. One, a student who has been to my house on a number of occasions, may be paralyzed. Another couldn't be identified for a number of hours because of the extent of the injury. I spent the day in a cloud of sadness and dismay and an aching heart for those kids, their parents, the driver, the whole web of lives that this accident touched. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they begin the long recovery process.
On a happier note, I finished piecing the Plaid Dresden so my design wall is now empty and ready to receive a new project.

I have lots of hand quilting to do, so I hope to be disciplined and focus most of my sewing energy on getting some of these tops quilted, but I know myself and that I'll be sneaking down to visit my sewing machine every so often, so the design wall won't be empty for long.


Michelle said...

Praying for the students and their families!

Your dresden plate quilt is gorgeous!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I;m sorry to hear about the students Erin. That's an awful thing for everyone. I'll send good wishes their way in my daily thoughts.

Yes - Im often motivated by the things I should be doing rather than the things I would rather be doing.

The plaid Dresden is really beautiful. Well done.

Angela said...

Prayers for the students and their families. That is scary stuff!
Your Dresden plate quilt looks beautiful, I'm sure you are right that your design wall won't be blank long! :o) Keep up the great work!

Rachel said...

Oh Erin, so sorry to hear about your students' accident. How awful. I hope they're all okay in the end. Sorry you're feeling a bit down, too. Perhaps a new project will cheer you up! The Dresden quilt is beautiful.

Char said...

I'll be praying for the students and their families.

Love the backpacks and the skirt.

Janet said...

Prayers and healing vibes going out for your students. Hope you can do a "clear skies" post soon. The Dresden quilt turned out beautiful!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Sorry to hear you and many others had such a gray day on Sunday. I will pray for your students and their loved ones.

Your dresden plate quilt ---I love it! I have never seen a dresden plate made with homespuns before.

Take care