Friday, December 17, 2010

A day off?

Since we've been working so hard this fall, my gem of a boss gave us all an extra day off to use whenever we wanted during this holiday season. I decided to use mine yesterday.

Oh, the plans I had for myself! And then it snowed. And they closed the schools. So I went from having a blissfully silent day all to myself to having a day with a house full of snow-crazy kids. Oh well. You know what Woodie Allen said, "You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."

I did get some stuff done.

  • I spent an hour hand quilting my GGG quilt. Still lots of stitching to do before that one is done. Can we slow the clock down just a bit before Christmas gets here?

  • I started collecting pre-cut 2" strips to sew together as binding for my String Quilt. (see comment above regarding the time left before Christmas)

  • I started customizing some long-sleeved onesies for the babies I know. These cute little panels were in a box of scraps I received from Becky (I think it was Becky...) a while ago, and I thought they were perfect. So, they are fused onto the onesies, and now I'm going to go around them with a blanket stitch by hand.

    (my favorite - I'm so country...)
  • I am always appalled by how much I spend helping Santa fill stockings every year, so I made some lilac -scented sachets to put in a couple of stockings. I didn't have to cut anything to make these; I just headed to my scrap tins for some pre-cut scrap squares and bonus triangles from other projects. I made 11 total - these 8 are the ones I brought in to work today to give to all the women who work in a support capacity in my office because they are AWESOME people!

  • My custom quilt block frames arrived from Angela (and her husband, Jim), so I put my wallhangings in to see how they looked.

    FABULOUS, in my humble opinion! I need to straighten them out a bit and trim some of the backing and whatnot, but these are nearly ready to be wrapped up.

  • I finally succumbed to my children's pleadings, and we decorated the tree. See my tree skirt down there? LOVE IT! Although it seems a bit to small. Whatever.

    (How do you take a decent photo of a lit up Christmas tree!?!)

I'm so glad that it is Friday. I foresee lots of sewing in my future this weekend, along with a sleepover for 3 of my kids' friends, karate testing (Jason and I receive our advanced Brown Belt tomorrow morning, and Donald will receive his Orange Belt), and, since the snow is still on the ground, some outdoor play. Here's hoping that your weekend is just as productive and fun as I hope mine will be!


Michelle said...

shhh, I'm erasing days on the calendar so we can "do over" for more time for Christmas.

Sounds like you got alot done on your snow day. I find it really hard to get things done when and if we ever get snow. Especially, since the three year old wants in and out every ten minutes and hot chocolate needs to be made!

have a wonderful and productive weekend!

Hazel said...

Oh my where to start I love the onesies what a great idea .
The scented sachets are a wonderful idea for all those special friends on your list .
Those quilt block frames are fantastic your family will be over joyed .What a great memory .
Rest now you have earned it .

Judi said...

Oh I want a sachets, or the instructions on how to make one PLEASE. I'm looking forward to sewing this weekend too!

Angela said...

You've been busy! (We never give ourselves enough credit for all we do!) I love how the blocks look in the frames - I am SO glad they finally arrived! (I will never send Parcel Post again, I promise!) Have a great weekend!

Stray Stitches said...

The best laid plans of mice and men.......guess you had one of those days. At least you still accomplished a lot! The onsies are so cute. And the frames you had made for your quilt squares are perfect. Beautiful Christmas tree!! We will be decorating this weekend.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Erin those wall hangings look utterly utterly beautiful.

Im not even thinking about how many days to Christmas now -because if I do I'll go completely insane.

Char said...

Wow, you've been busy. I'm sure it was nice to have the time off.
I really love how the blocks came out. Beautiful!
Also like the onesies and the sachets.

Cheryl Willis said...

I always need a nap just reading about your day!
Love the christmas tree.
your framed mini quilts are wonderful too. Grandma would be so proud to know that her quilt is getting a make over.
Merry Christmas! cw

Becky said...

Everything is just delightful! Hope you can get a bit of rest jammed in somewhere this weekend!!

kwiltmakr said...

Wow! You have been busy. Love the wall hangings in the frames, they look great. I am glad you got an extra day off but all the snow, gee whiz. I flew home on Tuesday in a blizzard. You might know!

The Cozy Quilter said...

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house! The wall hangings are beautiful and sure to be much appreciated!

Rachel said...

Congrats on your orange and brown belts! If I ever meet you three in a dark alley, I hope you're on my side ;)

Christmas is coming so fast. Too bad about you "day off", but isn't that the way it goes!

I was wondering the same thing about Christmas tree photos...hmmm... Your tree skirt looks great, though!

Janet said...

The wall hangings from your grandmother's quilt turned out fabulous! What a nice present! Sounds like you did lots for someone with a house full of kids...