Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Crafting on the road

I'm on the road again, this time visiting Vanderbilt University in Nashville.  While waiting for today's programming to start, I had to wander over to see the Parthenon replica and read about why it is here.
Turns out, it was built for Tennessee's Centennial celebration.  Cool, but seems pretty random to be plopped down here in the middle of Nashville
I doubt I'll be stranded here for two extra days like I was during my trip to Washington University in St. Louis last month (knock on wood), but I'm prepared, just in case.  In addition to more hexies to stitch together,
I only brought 5 flowers worth of hexies to stitch together.  I should be able to finish that in a mere evening of watching Heartland on Netflix.
I brought my current mindless knitting project,
Based on the Dourado pattern, but I'm altering it to work with the Katia Ombre yarn that I have.
as well as three paperback books and three audiobooks.  One of them, of course, is a crafty cozy mystery:
I've read the first in this series, and was waiting to read this third installation until I had read the second, but it was the smallest paperback on my shelf that I hadn't read, perfect for travel, so the second will have to wait.
Back home, I've been plugging away at my myriad current projects - hand quilting the quilt for my new niece who arrived on Friday,
I still have a long way to go.  Not marking, just quilting organically concentric echoes to fill the white spaces.  Not sure yet what I'll do with the colored spaces.
My new niece with her older sister and brother.  Love fest!

I spent most of Saturday doing just this.
making more 3" nine patches for my 5" Sister's Choice project,

Nine patches are so simple but make me so happy!

Why, oh why, do I love tiny piecing so much???  It's going to take A LOT of blocks to make a useable quilt out of 5" blocks, but I'm not going to think of it that way, just gonna enjoy the process.
On Ringo Lake has been on the back burner, as has my Flutterby project, but I'm still up to date on my Temperature Quilt.  I do like having a choice about what I want to work on every time I sit down at my machine.

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Auntie Em said...

Sweet family picture of the 3 siblings. Congratulations on your new niece.

Julie Fukuda said...

Looks like you have enough things to fill any spare time you can grab. I think it is better to have too much than not enough. My husband went to grad school at Vanderbilt so I was there once on a visit, but can remember very little of the town and school. Safe travels!

MB Baker said...

LOVE the stars....both the one for your niece and the one with the center squares. Beautiful! Safe travels. If you need to jump out of the plane as you pass over VA,let us know and there are many who would turn out to catch you! I miss you BUT am so glad you and your family are thriving. It was the right move! MB

Char said...

Congratulations, she’s a cutie! I love the shawl you’re working on and the quilt. You know I love color. Hey, did you know Catherine started a blog? Go check it out, catherinemadeit.blogspot.com

Preeti said...

Power to you. I am horrible with tiny piecing. Those little pieces move too much. Cute grandbaby and that ombre shawl will be so pretty!!!