Monday, February 1, 2016

Another day in paradise (aka the sewing room)

What a difference having an organized sewing room makes!  I've been down there more this past month than the past year combined!!  Today, I worked on my February Block Lotto blocks, Snails Trails,
These 6" blocks had to use brown and a light or low volume print.  I hope to make 5 more before month's end. 
as well as a house block for the 2016 Neighborhood Block Party.
This is a 12.5" block, based on a photo of a house block I saw online.
And then, of course, I've been cutting and cutting and cutting my scraps.  I swear, it doesn't seem like the scrap pile is getting any smaller, even though my precut bins are filling up.  I've got 7 weeks to get my scraps under control and then whatever is left untamed must go!


The Cozy Quilter said...

Looks like fun!!!! In all the years I have been quilting, I have never made a snails trail block. Have you received the block lotto blocks you won yet? I am still working on organizing my fabric too. Have you ever tried making a c
Scrap vortex quilt? There is a picture of mine on my blog header.

quiltfool said...

Oh my! A deadline to conquer your scraps! Very ambitious. Following you again! Looking forward to reading about your life. Lane

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

The snails trail is one of my favorite blocks and yours is gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the Neighborhood party! I visited Irene yesterday and saw your block "in person"'s even prettier than the photo!

Texas JennyWren said...

I like your house block. Very pretty. This has been fun to do, hasn't it? I am glad the two quilting ladies are doing this project again this year, aren't you?