Monday, April 30, 2012

Gimme a D!


Gimme an O!

Gimme an N!

Gimme an E!

What's that spell???
Completed charm quilt - lap/baby size - 42.5"x47.5"
It needs a name besides Charm Quilt.  Got any ideas?  Leave a name suggestion in a comment and I'll draw a random winner on Sunday, May 6 to receive twenty-five different 5" charm squares from me, either all in one color family or assorted, your choice.  I used 60 different ones in this quilt, and I have MANY MORE where they came from.

Aaahhhh!  It feels so good to FINISH something!

(And yes, I was a cheerleader in the 80s.  And a spelling bee champ.)


The Cozy Quilter said...

how about Stacked Hearts? nice finish! BTW those quilts were not all made by men! thanks for guessing though!

Char said...

Congrats on the finish! What about Paint Chips?

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

The First thing I saw in your quilt was the stacked about "Charming Hearts"? Good it!

Cathi said...

The first thing that came to my mind was "Happy Hearts". It's a great quilt and I love the binding!

Julie Fukuda said...

Well, it looks "Perfectly Charming" to me! Great finish!

Janet said...

It looks like a game of Solitaire laid out on a card table.... so I guess my suggestion is Solitaire. Very nice quilt!

Piece by Piece said...

Your quilt looks great.
Charm---when I think of that word it reminds me of those bracelets that were so popular years ago and now coming back in style again.
All the colours in your quilt remind me of jewels.
My suggestion----Charm Bracelet.

Shay said...

Congrats on the finish Erin. That quilt is a beauty. All of the charms look like love hearts to me (except that top row)

Im hopeless at names....Im sure someone will come up with something wayyyyy cooler than I could.

Ericka said...

You totally crack me up. Glad you are my sister. Anyway, I like Julie's suggestion of Perfectly Charming, or maybe Charming Baby, or just Charmed. I like that quilts have names (yup, I'm a non-quilter.)

Lisa said...

Well, the first thing I thought of was "Charmed, I'm Sure", but I'm not completely in love with that name...maybe "I'm Sure Charmed" is better? Less snotty anyway. ;> Congratulations! on another finish. You did a great job! Lisa

ColorSlut said...

WOW that is a stunning quilt. I love the colors and I love the boarder around the edge. Great eye!!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Done and cute, too! I need a done in my life.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Congrats on the looks great...I'm like Shay, hopeless at names but the rows of charm squares made me think of university graduation caps all lined up - no idea why as I didn't do the university thing so there is absolutely no point of reference going on here...whatever else you call it Done is the best...

quiltfool said...

This post made me think of "you're such a card" as a name. Of course, I've never understood why people say that. Anyway, my cent and a half. Beauty of a quilt. Love the use of card trick blocks. Lane

jan said...

I can't see the printing on your article for this it is over the sidebars....odd but true.
to follow on from you...
Gimme an F
Gimme an A
Gimme an N
Gimme a T
Gimme an A
Gimme an S
Gimme a T
Gimme an I
gimme a C

you got it........
jan x

Anonymous said...

Your auction post has me laughing so hard! I can just see it happening! Love the chairs you got...especially the cherry colored one!

quilt names...did someone suggest LOVE CHARMS?

Hope you are having fun at the retreat...just back from mine and it was awesome..more later.

Bailey said...

They sort of reminded me of a strange flying geese formation so I will suggest Charmed Geese (Charming Geese, or something of the likes).

Bailey said...

They sort of reminded me of a strange flying geese formation so I will suggest Charmed Geese (Charming Geese, or something of the likes).

Kim said...

"Heart charms"
I was a majorette :0)
( in the 60's)
Congrats on the finish...that always feels great doesn't it!
Was your twin a cheerleader too?

Happy Sewing and thanks for a chance to win your charms

Anonymous said...

So funny that everyone saw hearts and I saw the card trick pattern. So I would name your quilt something like "Charmed Tricks" of "Deck of Charms". No matter what you name it, it is a very pretty scrappy quilt.

Susan R