Saturday, July 30, 2011

Keeping the postman busy

First of all, thanks everyone for your support on my last post. I see that I am not alone in needing some alone time to keep me sane and civil.

Quilting time also keeps me sane and civil, and I've been doing a bit here and there. I finished my Bee Block for July (hey, it's STILL July!). She asked for a star block with the red, white and blue solids that she sent. I enjoyed making this Morning Star block:

Then, Christina of A Few Scraps is calling for donated quilt blocks for the Black Rock Stitchery project at the Burning Man Festival in August. I don't really grasp the concept, but I was thrilled to throw together some orphan quilt block pieces to make some pretty random 12.5" blocks for her.

Random block:

Even more random (but look how I mitered the corner - boo ya!)

Totally random

So I'll be giving the postman some outgoing business, but check out what he has delivered for me lately:

My first completed Bee Block from the red, white and black fabrics I sent out with the little quilt sayings - I can't wait to see the blocks everyone comes up with and what I end up with when they are put together - definitely going to be a quilt for ME:

An awesome postcard from Joe Tulips to use as a sample for a project I want to do with the cub scouts this year (when it is not BEAUTIFYING my sewing room):

Oh, and a couple of fabrics that I accidentally bought one day during my lunch break when I forgot to bring lunch...(I've been bad, very bad)

But truly, I needed some more black and white and reds since I sent most of what I owned out with my August Bee fabrics

Everyone can always use a neutral

And I want to make a baby quilt with pieced airplane blocks, and this fabric is perfect to coordinate, right?

And I couldn't resist the name of this line - Surfing Monkeys. Ocean waves, heat waves and starfish - cute, cute, cute!

Green and yellow are colors that are pretty slim in my stash

And sometimes random stuff grabs your fancy.

I will say that everything was on sale...

OK, I admit it, I need an intervention...


Becky said...

Haha.....can't help you with the addict can't intervene for another addict!!! hehe
Love your new additions though!

Char said...

You have been bad. That's way more than a couple of fabrics! Good for you!
Love your random blocks and the star.
The post card is great, I can see why you have it in your sewing room.

Nancy said...

Uhhh, Erin, unless there is a new quilt shop in Lexington, you had to drive a ways to get to somewhere to accidently buy some fabric -- but that's OK - you had a hard week! So, good for you!!!