Monday, August 1, 2011

A Summer Sunday

No quilting photos today. I've been plugging away at hand quilting my Pick and Choose quilt, but it is slow going. Especially in this heat! Yesterday was borderline uncomfortable sitting under that quilt while I worked on it.

But there are some things this heat is great for:

TOMATOES! I made this bowl of fresh salsa/pico de gallo yesterday with homegrown tomatoes and jalapenos (the cilantro, red onion, garlic and lime were from a store). My 6-year-old said he "didn't like my salsa...he LOVED it!"

DRYING CLOTHES ON THE LINE! I remade everyone's beds yesterday with sheets fresh from the line and man, did I sleep GREAT! I love air/sunshine dried sheets! While at the clothesline, the dogs stayed cool in the shade nearby. I love seeing them play together and just hang out together; it was nice to be able to rescue a dog from the shelter, but also nice to be able to provide a compatible playmate for Biscuit.

WATER FUN! I was tempted to take Donald to the pool yesterday, but I've been running around so much, I just didn't want to leave the house again. Instead, I set up a slip and slide type toy he received for his birthday this year, much to his delight.

ICED TEA! I love iced tea in the summer! Growing up, we always had Salada tea in the house, and I loved seeing what my saying would be every time I had a cup of tea. As an adult, I continue to buy Salada tea and continue to enjoy the sayings. Here are two of the three from yesterday's batch of tea:

What does the heat bring that YOU are thankful for?


Rachel said...

Mmmm...fresh salsa! My tomatoes are nowhere near ready, although I did pick some fresh spinach from my tiny garden plot for lunch today.

I was just wishing that the sun would stay out instead of retreating behind the clouds every few minutes. I was outside this morning but had a sweater on. Brrrr. This is nothing like the weather we experienced when we were in San Antonio last week.

Wishing you many more warm, summer days!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You have a gorgeous view from your home. How wonderful to look out and see all that green every day.
What am I thankful for in the heat? Fresh veggies from the farmers market and early morning sunrises. However, I can't wait for the cooler weather to arrive!

Shay said...

I so enjoyed hearing about your warm summer days. Salada are crackers here so you can imagine that I thought you were drinking soggy cracker tea...

I love that when you wake in the morning you don't have to rug up against the cold, summer fruit, long light evenings after work and a distinct lack of cooking heavy meals.

Ahhhh ...cant wait for Summer to arrive at my place!

Cheryl Willis said...

we were awake at 2 a.m. and the temp here was 90.
don't even want to look to see during the day!

Tea sounds great, i am going to head home early and cool off from the hum of the sewing machine! cw

Julie Fukuda said...

I love that the dogs are getting along so well. When I am sitting in my room with all the ACs dead and the heat on high, and sweat dripping in my eyes, I keep thinking there are people out there who pay good money for saunas and this is all free. I'll get plenty cool in the winter and remember this time.

Kim said...

I love hanging feeders and watching them come to beautiful.

And we've had a beautiful Barred Owl in the yard...visit my blog for a look.

Happy sewing

Anonymous said...

Iced tea on the porch, with a good book in hand -- or, if it's too hot to think, a mindless game of Solitaire on the I-Pad. All the wonderful local produce available. And ... ice cream!
Good luck with your Pick & Choose quilting. You will get through it -- so don't fret, just enjoy each stitch.
Debbie R.

Barb H said...

It's iced coffee for me on a hot summer afternoon--with plenty of milk and sugar to sweeten it up. My mood usually sweetens up after a large glass as well.

Nancy said...

I just like being out of doors, even if it is for short periods of time before retreating to the ac for a bit. I even like pulling weeds in my landscaping and watering my flowers. I wouldn't mind it being a little lower than upper 90's, but I don't look forward to the winter! Just a few degrees cooler and I will sit on my swing at the edge of the woods more - maybe even do some quilting there.