Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another milestone!

I haven't done much sewing this week because I've been focused on preparing for my Advanced Pre-Black Belt test. After suffering that torn calf muscle 5 weeks ago, I've been worried about not being ready, as I haven't gone to class as often, and when I did go to class, I avoided doing certain moves in order to let the injury heal. The test was last night, and I am happy to report that I DID IT!!!

(Yes, I'm short. Just 5 feet tall. If I stand up REALLY straight.)

This belt means more to me than any other because I had to work harder to get it (never mind that the test itself was so much longer). Last night I felt a nauseating mix of relief/pride/exhaustion/euphoria. Today, only the euphoria remains.

Wanna see me break some boards?

It's a short video, just 41 seconds. These are actually breakable boards (think of all the lumber we'd go through if we used actual boards every time!), but the force required to break them is the same as a regular 2.25 inch (5.715 cm) pine board (over 200 lbs of force if I remember correctly). For our black belt test, we will be using real boards.

So now that the stress of the test is over, back to sewing! I will be doing lots of hand quilting on the Pick and Choose quilt in the coming week, but I also want to make an iPad cover!!! Perhaps this one from One Shabby Chick:

Or perhaps this one from My Patchwork:

I love her humor on this one with the PEAR instead of the APPLE:

And this one from Smashed Peas and Carrots is so cute!

But don't be surprised if the case I make is this lovely envelope one from Dixie Mango:

Hmmm...I may have to make more than one, whaddaya think?


Judi said...

Congratulations on your test! I know what work goes into those. Make as many as you want. My suggetion would be a pocket for the ear buds.

Shay said...

Way to go Erin. Smash those boards! Congratulations on this latest achievement.

I mucked around looking for an easy notebook cover last Christmas and talked myself out of making one in the end. I think you've possibly just inspired me to finally give it a go. Thanks for all the links.

Hazel said...

You go girl ,congratulations on the test .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the test! It was awesome to see! I think the Ipad covers are great...the etchascetch one is great!

Char said...

Congratulations Erin.
I like your choices, I think I'd have a hard time picking just one.

Wilma NC said...

Congratulations!!!! And I love all the covers, wonder which one you will end up choosing??

The Cozy Quilter said...

My husband has an iPad and I offered to make him a cover for it. He declined my offer! Congratulations on your board breaking ability!

Cheryl Willis said...

congrats, congrats, very happy for your recovery and victory over the boards! cw

Janet said...

breaking boards - how very cool!

Kim said...

Martial Arts are so good for the body and mind.......sure keeps your memory going remembering all those routines right?

Happy Sewing

Kristie said...

Wow! Congratulations! That is really great! Giggle...I am only 5ft tall too....barely.