Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bee balm?

I love the word BALM. To me, it is calm and soothing and quiet and restorative, and that's just what I was seeking in my sewing room today as I escaped the chaos that is my life. I don't want to bore you with the whiny details, but this snippet should sum things up:

-the plumber as he is trying to fix a leak in my basement outside my sewing room, "CRAP!! Um, do you have any towels?"

I'll work on my Bee blocks, I said to myself. Both April and May's fabrics arrived within a week of each other, so I had two blocks to make. I started with May. We could make any block we wanted, and the fun fabrics included a monkey that was screaming out to be the focus, so I made an EXTREMELY modified Weathervane block. I like the way it turned out, but believe me, the modifications weren't intentional but rather the result of poor planning on my part and some premature cutting.

Fun, but not really an experience that served as a balm. On to April. These fabrics are much cooler - Kona Snow and three green/grays. The request was for a pinwheel-type block. The first thing that came to mind was a Dutchman's Puzzle, and I cut, and started sewing before I realized I didn't have enough Kona Snow to make that. Hmmmm.... How about I use those bonus triangles, too? That should give me enough! Nice try, Erin. Close, but no cigar. (Where does that expression come from anyway? I use it, but it makes no sense to me!) So, here I sit, two 2.5" squares of Kona Snow short of finishing her block. The frustration of that didn't really soothe my nerves either.

Finally, as a leader and ender, I sewed together some 2.5" scraps to play with one of my setting ideas for my Birdie BOM (yes, I still only have 2 blocks done, but I'm hoping to finish block 3 on the plane ride to and from California this weekend).

Not sure about this setting - it is hard to tell how it will look with so few blocks.

Anyway, I know that part of my agitation is from going away. With all the travel I do, you'd think I'd be better at it, but ALWAYS, the night before I leave, I am a basketcase, trying to get everything done, making lists and checking them twice. Is this normal? Does everyone have pre-trip jitters?


Cheryl Willis said...

I can have a melt down going to the grocery store- lol

love the setting you are going for, keep it up

travel safe! cw

Nancy said...

I'm surprised that you have pre-trip worries after all the traveling you do! I figured you had a list for every trip printed out and ready to roll. Whenever we go anywhere - I mean ANYWHERE - we are both asking each other if we have this, that, and the other, and we still forget stuff!

Becky said...

Sorry life is having a rough patch right now. I guess they happen so we can enjoy the smooth ones! Safe travels and try to get some balm time in there!

Stray Stitches said...

Your blocks are all wonderful! I really like the setting you are going with for the Birdie Stitches.
As far as the 'close but no cigar' I think it came from back in the day when they would give cigars as prizes at carnivals. People would try to hit the target or some such thing and would miss. The carni would say "Close but no cigar".
Have a great trip!!!

Shay said...

I like all your blocks Erin. Quilting and sewing are meant to be the balm that soothes the savage beast but I often find myself very un-calm (yes I know thats not an actual word ) when Im doing it.

Yes-Im anal about travel. I have reams of lists and check them at least three times. And then usually I forget something essential -like my undies. Enjoy your trip!

quiltfool said...

I definitely get the pre-trip jitters. I've learned to make my list and walk away, or I'll obsess over every little thing until I'm a nervous wreck. Glad it was a good trip. lane