Saturday, August 7, 2010

Me and my bright ideas

We were at the city pool on Friday afternoon, cooling off from a scorcher of a day and relaxing from a doozy of a week, when one of Jason's friends and his mom arrived. One thing led to another, and all of a sudden I am heading home with one extra child and plans to go to the drive-in movies and a sleepover. I love the spontaneity of summer!

My Drive-In Movie quilt was christened with popcorn and sno-cones - it is officially a quilt now!

Today was school supply shopping day. It turns out it is twice as expensive to buy supplies for kindergarten than for 3rd grade - what is up with that? But the kids are excited for school to start, and that makes me happy. I always loved school as a kid, and I hope my kids continue to enjoy it. While shopping, we made an impulse purchase.

The plan was for us to all end up blond. Instead, we look like carrot-tops, but that's OK, it was fun. I'm sure it will raise some eyebrows at work, but whatever.

Since it was an absolutely beautiful day, I did lots of laundry so I could spend lots of time outside hanging up the clothes, one of my favorite chores. But I also spent quite a bit of time inside, cleaning, but also sewing. I've been wanting to make a Christmas Tree Skirt for quite a while. Usually, when Christmas comes, I swirl some white fabric around the base of the tree and call it good, but when I see everyone else's neat tree skirts I think to myself, "I could do that!" So, I finally got started.
I used this tree skirt by Jen/Cre8tive Quilter as a model, but I had to tweak it some since I didn't have the ruler she had, and I really didn't want to have to sew 40 wedges together. Instead, I used my Dresden Plate ruler in conjunction with a 6"x24" ruler, and ended up with only 16 wedges.

I LOVE IT! It is about 36" in diameter, pretty small, but then, I usually get pretty small trees. Tomorrow, I plan to birth it, and then work on hand quilting it. Perhaps I could have it done for Show and Tell at the quilt guild meeting next Saturday...we'll see.

Here's hoping my Sunday is as perfect as my Saturday!


cozy quilter said...

Very nice tree skirt. I have one I made over 20 years ago that I should probably replace. I will have to find a pattern and material I like! I love yours!

Mishka said...

Wow, love your tree skirt. It's gorgeous.

Em said...

Love the "carrot tops"! Now we are officially sisters and your kids have the same color as NOah! You bust me up!!!!!!! They say that redheads are spicy so watch out world!!!

traceyjay said...

I like the circle!... Looks great!

looks like you're taking advantage of summer. :)

Jen said...

That turned out fantastic!! Great job!