Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quilt Guild Auction Finds

Here's my take from last Saturday's auction at my quilt guild meeting:

1) a sewing machine for Jason and Donald to share! It seems they always want to sew when I am sewing, and while I want to encourage them to sew, I don't really want to share! This will help solve that problem! Now, two of us can sew at the same time. You should have seen their faces when I brought it home - definitely a Kodak moment (of course, I didn't have my camera ready)

2) Lots of fabric! First 10 1 yard cuts of various quilt shop quality fabric, including a Jinny Beyer:

Then lots of plaid scraps and yardage - I've done two plaid projects in the past month, so I'm excited to replenish that which I have just used.

Some random scraps up to about 1 yard pieces:

Plus lots of pre-cut squares from 2" up to 4.5". Those went straight into my scrap tins. (no photo)

3) Some books

the one I really wanted was the one on the left - there are two quilts in there that I absolutely love - this one, that I am not nearly brave enough to try to make, (sorry for the lousy photos)
and this one, which I definitely plan to make, but am trying to hold off until I finish some other projects.

4) A whole slew of orphan blocks! I can't wait to put these all together into a free-for-all type quilt, much like V at BumbleBeans made, probably for charity, but possibly to keep.

While at the auction, I kept my hands busy quilting so that I wouldn't bid on absolutely everything. I finished this frayed edge quilt, and threw it in the washer when I got home.

I love the way it frayed. I dried it on my new clothesline, and it smells absolutely lovely. I just wish it were bigger so I could snuggle up in it!
I've washed all my new fabric and dried it all on the clothesline. I hope to get a chance to use some of it this week.


Char said...

Wow! Are you sure you didn't bid on everything? Looks like you did very well. And a machine for the boys, that's great!
I love how the frayed edge quilt turned out.

Cheryl Willis said...

I had that bear material at one time, your quilt looks great. Don't you just love getting to replenish the stash. I bought a couple of sets of blocks last week too. cw

Angela said...

Are those plaids flannel, or just regular plaids? I have some dark plaid flannels that were given to me, that I don't see myself using, if you want them... :o)

cozy quilter said...

Looks like you had fun at the auction! I hope you are not signed up for one of those "stash busting" websites--I think you would be "busted" this month!

Taryn said...

I am so impressed by your auction finds. Do I see plaids in the stars and geese quilt you want to make? I love that quilt but it certainly looks like a lot of work. Keep us posted when you start it. The orphan blocks look good spread out on the floor. Bet they'll be great together. Can't wait to see that, either.

Judi said...

Good shopping Erin. The blocks look like fun. I've also thought about doing a free for all after looking at BumbleBeans.