Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Saturday!

I was greeted by this gentleman when I emerged from my room Saturday morning.

It turns out, he was a spy, although I don't know for whom he works. Apparently, for an ally nation here to share child obedience intelligence because when I returned from my quilt guild meeting, my children had showered and cleaned their room and were playing nicely on the porch. At Show and Tell, I shared my Tree Skirt, my orphan quilt, my Bright Future quilt and my Ribbon Quilt. Yup, you heard me correctly - I finished piecing the Ribbon Quilt top and it is off my design wall - time for something(s) new!

I did the requisite hour of domestic duties (on this day it sweeping floors, feeding the children lunch and washing dishes) before retreating down to my quilt studio to sew away the overcast, drizzly afternoon. The story of the adventurous, imaginative Anne of Green Gables was a great accompaniment for my first project - machine guided quilting. My quilting feet arrived in the mail on Friday and I was itching to try them out. I decided to start with the walking foot, and what fun that was! What a neat sensation to feel the fabric feeding through like that nearly on its own. I quilted up that mini quilt with the orphan 4-patch blocks all with straight lines, but no photos yet - first, I have to figure out how to bury those stray threads.

Then I moved on to a new color word. It should be no surprise that PINK was the next word I tackled - short and sweet (and quick!). I think I'm out of 3 and 4 letter colors, unfortunately.

And then, I chose to try a project that I saw on the Greenstitch blog, making a drawstring backpack from a t-shirt. I took one of the many t-shirts that I have and don't wear, but don't want to get rid of because they mean something to me. For this project, I used a t-shirt from a parent vs. kid (college aged kid) soccer game in which I participated 5 years ago at work. I was on the parent team, and had a great time, but somehow managed to dislocate 2 ribs. I guess I got a little carried away. Anyway, barely half an hour later...

Look, it is lined!

I love it! I'll be wearing it today when the kids and I head to Harrisonburg to check out their Children's Museum (there is free admission today - yay!). Afterwards, we'll be visiting our neighbors who moved away to Harrisonburg to live in a retirement community, the neighbor upon whose quilt I took my first hand quilting stitches. I sure do miss them!

Have a supercalifragilisticespealidocious Sunday, everyone! (did I spell that right, Ms. Poppins?)


Becky said...

Congrats on completing the ribbon top. Looking forward to new or continued projects! The t-shirt backpack is just toooooo adorable!
Enjoy the museum and we'll be waiting for the companion story!! Hugs, Becky

Rachel said...

Ahhh, Erin, you are always so productive. You make me feel ashamed of my laziness. But I do have an excuse, since I'm in France and my sewing machine is in Canada! Haha. The backpack is great and a wonderful idea to put that unworn t-shirt to good use. Can't wait to see your quilts, quilted using your new feet. Have a lovely Sunday!

Taryn said...

I am amazed at how productive you made your day and the backpack is too cute. Looking forward to pictures of your orphan block quilt!

Amo House said...

Glad you had everything finished for the show and tell.

Self threading needles for the ends.


Have a good Sunday too, ours has been great.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Gosh you've been busy and productive as usual.

Cute spy by the way.

Judi said...

I love the pink - I love pinks. What fun and ideas you have given me. Now just to be able to sew.

Em said...

YOu go girl! HOw sweet is the little pink word, love it! And your kiddo, the boys crack me up with their imaginations! Happy Sunday to you.