Friday, August 13, 2010

Check out all the embroidery!

Remember my first ever embroidery project - the four blocks I put together in a frame that I bought from Angela at Country Scrap Quilts for my mother-in-law's Christmas present?

Well, just for kicks, and inspired by Char at Cloth Stitched, I entered it into the weekly themed quilt contest over at Quilting Bloggers. Just now, I popped over there to see what else had been entered. Oh, boy, am I humbled! Click here to check out the 32 submissions for this week and vote for your favorite. I found lots of inspiration there, and you may, too! I'm pretty sure that embroidery will be my project during travel season this year.

But let's take things one day at a time. Once I get off work today, I'm heading straight home for an hour or so of sewing and listening to Anne of Green Gables - I repeat: I VOW to get those rows of the Ribbon Quilt sewn together and get it off the design wall TODAY. Then, it is pick the kids up from camp, head to the pool to cool off, then to the drive-in for Despicable Me, which I've not yet seen but about which I have heard wonderful things.

In the morning, I plan to bring my Orphan Drive-In quilt, my Bright Future quilt and my Christmas Tree Skirt to Show and Tell at the Quilt Guild Meeting, and then I want to get my flannel buzzsaw quilt and my great grandmother's quilt up onto the design wall to start making some progress on those.

I'm so glad it is Friday. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Char said...

Good morning Erin, you are so right, lots of inspiration over there today. I've placed my vote. Good luck, I love your quilt and the story behind it.
My daughter (17) and her friends went to see Despicable Me and they loved it.
Good luck with quilting this weekend I hope to get some done myself.

Becky said... reminded me that I have one of Angela's frames and I still don't have a square in it or put up on a wall. (Hanging head) I will try to remedy that soon. I'm still so bummed out that we are going to be gone while you are nearby and we can't get together. :(

Enjoy your weekend....we are heading to slugville for a week but I will be checking in. Hugs, Becky

Rachel said... are a busy gal, but I have no doubt you will achieve all that is on your list and more. I just hope you leave some room for relaxation (and don't fall asleep during the movie).

Em said...

headed over to vote now, Love that you entered a contest. You sure get a lot done....!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Oh! I will go see. love your piece!
you still have drive ins down there? i'm green with envy

Shirley said...

I like yours Erin. The only other one I saw over there that I liked was Iced Crystals but that's only because of the colour. I'm not a big fan of huge embroidered quilts - even lapsize. I think embroidery should be displayed the way yours are so people can enjoy it more easily.