Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In need of color!

I'm trying to not let all this snow get me down. I'm trying to not envy my children who are relaxing at home while I am (supposedly) toiling away at work. All this white is starting to depress me - I need some color! Although Donald and I did marvel at these cute little frozen trees by the creek yesterday - "Look Mom! The trees are sparkly!"

I've been keeping my Bright Ideas Quilt close at hand. I "finished" quilting it this weekend, and I'm now sewing down this yellow binding that I pulled from my stash and which seemed perfect to accent both the back and the front.
I say "finished" because I'm pretty sure I'm going to add more quilting. It is hard for me to set something aside and finally say it is done.

Jason and I are on a 5-day "diet" to earn our SELF-DISCIPLINE patches in karate. Our version of the diet is "only fruit for breakfast" and "at least 8 glasses of water a day". Fruit salad is colorful, right? So that's what I made the kids for breakfast this morning, in colorful bowls to boot.

That cheered me for a few moments.

But now I'm at work, my fruit is long gone, I'm sick of drinking water, and here's the kicker - I added the challenge for me to not drink coffee or tea (except herbal) or hot chocolate for those 5 days. Someone just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and the aroma is wafting up the stairs to taunt me.
Please, I implore you, leave a comment sending warm, colorful love my way!


Becky said...

I send you bright, happy thoughts from West Virginia. I am so "red"dy for Spring....I am waiting for flowers to "blue"m and the whip"purple"wills to sing! "Orange" you glad that it at least February and not November!!! Have a great day! Love ya!

kwiltmakr said...

Erin, I know how you feel about all this winter weather. Quilting on that quilt should help it is very colorful and cheerful.

Char said...

Erin, I'm sending you Rosy Pinks, Sunshine Yellows and Bluebird Blues and if that doesn't work, try the herbal tea. I drink it all day long and it's good for you.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see blue today. Blue skies. Blue birds. I'm looking at red buildings. That's it for color. I'm counting down the days until spring of course since it's my wedding day.

Cheryl Willis said...

I think sparklie is a color
we are getting snow again today.
our group is spose to meet tonight to start this year. I am so excited and have most likely planned way to much to do. a cup of coffee does sound good, but I quit drinking a couple of months ago. cw

Piece by Piece said...

We are getting some more white today, I would love some colour of any kind right now.

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would appreciate it if you would follow me there.

Molly said...

I want a bowl of your fruit salad please, it not only looks delicious but very colorful. I just noticed that you have my old blog in your sidebar, it doesn't exist anymore. Here are my new ones.

Crocheting My Best With My Worsted

Sewing, Quilting, and a bunch of Whatever

Shirleymac said...

That fruit salad looks delicious! But I know it doesn't stay with you long cause you need a bit of protein. Since the kids are home anyway you could get them to tie some bright strips of fabric on that tree, in the Spring the birds sometimes grab things like that to make their nests. Or they could string cranberries or something to hang on it so the birds have something to eat when all that snow is on the ground.

Taryn said...

I love the trees! :)