Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two outta three ain't bad

Remember my New Year's Eve Challenge to finish off three of my flannel quilts in progress? I didn't quite make it. I finished the binding on #2 today. Here it is, the least square quilt I have ever made.

Oh well. I learned a lesson from this one - never, EVER, use such high loft batting in a quilt. I wrestled with this thing all the way from pinning it, through hand quilting it, and on every inch of the binding. Ugh! But it is done. The flannel buzzsaw quilt was the third project, but I've been helping others sew on my machine lately, and haven't had time to do for myself. First my twin, then Jason, and today, after Jason worked on his quilt some more, Donald made his first quilt top. We choose BIG (12") squares, and went with something super simple, but I'm proud of the little guy (he's four).

He chose the tractor fabric himself, and we were both so tickled when, as we he was sewing on the last border, Jason Aldeen's BIG GREEN TRACTOR song came on the radio, one of Donald's favorites!

Here's the tractor he has chosen to put on the back.

Piecing the back will have to wait for another day. My one and only resolution this year, is to work on becoming more patient. Well, my patience has worn out for today. I need to reboot with some sewing for myself. Of course, it will have to be at the gym, as my husband has a basketball game this afternoon. Gotta love hand quilting - you can do it almost anywhere!


Jackie said...

Wow, you have been quite the quilt teacher!! Wonderful quilts! Great that everyone is getting in on quilting. It is never too early or too late to begin.

Angela said...

Love the little tractor quilt that Donald is working on! Tell him *way to go*!
It never fails, the kids want to sew just as soon as I have the *gotta* sew feeling too.
Two-out-of-three projects done is great! Way to go!

Cheryl Willis said...

I love that you are teaching the boys, my grandson Lane has been my quilting buddy for several years his sister is almost 3 and she has a couple to tops under her belt too.
One of the reasons I got my flip a coin done so quick is Lane was cutting the blocks as they piled up and I didn't have to stop between steps until it was time to iron and resize. Don't know how I ever did it before kids? cw

Rachel said...

It's so great to see your boys quilting and sewing. I think Donald did a great job on his quilt top! Way to go, little fella!

I made a quilt with high-loft batting once. What a pain! I thought it would be so nice and cozy, but I will never, ever do that again. I machine quilted it and my machine didn't enjoy that job one bit.

(I love your short haircut, by the way. Very chic!)

Becky said...

Yeaaaaa Donald!! Great work young man! I have promised 2 of my granddaughters we will quilt together when they are 5....I don't MeMe has the patience to attempt it before then!!

Nancy said...

What great fabric for Donald - and don't you just love the look on his face -- he is SO proud!!