Sunday, January 3, 2010

Third-party validation of my frivolous purchase

At a booksale recently, I picked up a used book for a quarter, "To Be A Woman: The Experience of Womanhood in Selected Writings". I haven't read the whole book yet, but the very first essay really spoke to me. Here's an excerpt, written by Dorothy Goldberg, author of "The Creative Woman" and wife of former United States Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg:

"What I am saying is that, as we rush about, we must reserve a little energy for that other life within us, that urge to make, to do, to try to create.

If we have one child, then our inner life becomes our second child. If we already have two children, then the life within us must be our third child. Even four, five, six. Even if there are six children to be helped toward their own lauchings, the inner life must be her seventh child. If that inner life is built around art, then that is the child, and it must be given all the attention, concern and money we would somehow find if it were a child in the flesh."

OK, are there any other quilters out there who read this as "take time, energy and money to pursue your quilting passion"? I sure do! So on a recent trip to the thrift store with my sister, I bought this dress, not because I need it (I don't), and not because it fits (it doesn't), but because it speaks to the quilter in me. I'm thinking I'll wear it as a nightgown, particularly if I have any Pajama Quilting Days.

I'm back at work this morning, in body anyway. It is so hard to switch gears and be a productive worker bee again. Particularly because, when I got to my office, it had been completely rearranged because others had been using my office during my absence, so I first had to spend time moving furniture. However, I have a new setup for the new year.

Oh, and I should probably put a new avatar photo up at some point, too. Many of you have asked if I cut my hair, and I did, sometime around Labor Day, I think. I do a home bathroom job with my husband's clippers and just shave my whole head to a pretty short length, short enough that it looks exactly the same when I wake up in the morning as when I lay down at night. I'm saving time and money, baby, more time and more money for my quilting passion!


Angela said...

You know, it is nice to see that in words. I think, we, as *moms* tend to put ourselves last, and sometimes that can lead to some sore feelings. We have to remember that we count too! :o)
Love your nightgown, perfect for pj day! :o)

Nancy said...

I like the quote - what a good idea! Us moms do tend to put ourselves last, which means we sometimes get left out because of all the other demands. I definitely read it that way!!

Shirleymac said...

For awhile when my kids were younger I had a designated Shirley Day. I never would have thought to do it myself but I was doing a lot of inner child work with my therapist and came up with that idea. We sure can lose ourselves and it doesn't necessarily end when our kids grow up. It becomes habit for so many years that we have forgotten about ourselves.

Charmaine Q. Taylor said...

I know what you mean about the hair. I will be 55 at the end of the month and I don't think a gray ponytail is a good look. So I've just had my hair cut off also, and boy is it easy.

Kim said...

hmmmmm I thought you were gonna remake that dress into a quilt or at least the start of one......nice fabric but that dress is well
not put it nicely.

Sure its gonna inspire you?

Happy Sewing " little girl"
we all have an inner child right?