Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A stolen moment

I should be working. After all, I'm at work. But this summer has been so fun and busy and there was always a new trip to look forward to, that now that all the excitement is over, my humdrum daily existence is nearly numbing to me. No more weeks off until Christmas. Barely any days off until then. After Labor Day, I am working or traveling for work every Saturday until mid November. Ugh!!!

I should stop complaining. My life isn't really that humdrum. After all, I'm hosting a 7th birthday party/campout/sleepover for Jason this Friday night. On Saturday night, I am volunteering at the drive-in, one of my favorite places to go on the weekend with the kids. Bathing suits are in the car, and I'm taking my kids to the pool to cool off after work/school today. Besides, this is travel season for work - I'll be in Atlanta and Baltimore and West Virginia and Ecuador and Costa Rica all in the next 6 weeks. I guess I just rebel against the lack of work/life balance in the country as a whole, and in my job in particular. My job gets so much of me, my family gets so little. I wish it weren't that way.

After putting the kids to bed last night I cut and prepped all the fabric for my last 3 Pick and Choose blocks. It is all just sitting there now waiting to be sent through the machine - hopefully tonight after the pool. I've decided that tonight is leftover night, so I'm not going to be spending time making a big meal. Except for fresh veggies. One of the many things that I love about summer is the fresh veggies! I can't get enough!

So hopefully I'll have some quilt pictures of my own to post sometime soon. For today, the only graphic I have for you is the one in the top right of my blog for The Breast Cancer Site. Most of you probably already know this site, but please click there once a day, EVERY DAY, to help fund free mammograms. It is a simple something that you can do that can make a big difference in someone else's life.


quiltfool said...

Hey, Erin. I know exactly how you feel. Every so often, I take a short break to see what my blog friends have posted. I don't envy you all that travel. But, it sounds like you have a bunch of fun stuff to add to the humdrum-mity of life. Take care. lane

Angela said...

Thanks for the reminder about clicking for The Breast Cancer Site! :o)

Cheryl Willis said...

I'm working from home today and haven't snuck in any sewing- my bad. i found a new scrappy I want to start. can't wait to see your pick and choose. cw

Quiltluver said...

I wish I could check the blogs at work, but they are blocked. Sigh! They block all the good stuff. Don't they know we need to charge our batteries now and then?

Kim said...

You've got a good handle on it all first in all things. And you do have a great job...really think how sucky it could be. and you quilt for fun.....seems like the perfect life to me!

Happy Sewing

CapLady Molly said...

It must be hard for you since yours are still little guys, I remember that time. But hang in there you're strong and will be able to handle it all. But take care of yourself also