Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Pursuing my Good Fortune

Now that my last quilt is in its new home and in use
The recipient posted this photo of the quilt (I cropped it) on her Instagram
I've turned my focus back to finishing my Good Fortune quilt.  All of these blocks are done, time to finish the alternate blocks. 
I accidentally made too many blocks...
Of course, I should also finish LAST YEAR's On Ringo Lake mystery quilt,
I have made no progress since getting to this point.  C'mon, Erin, you're so close!
but the colors in this year's quilt just make me happier, so they seem to always get top billing.  And I'd love to finish my 2018 Temperature Quilt, but I seem to have lost my paperwork/chart, so that project is stalled out until I find my worksheets or redo them (I still have December and part of November to complete).
This is everything through September assembled.
And then there is this quilt that I need to finish hand quilting before my niece's first birthday in April. 
I've finished quilting all the white spaces - now to the colored stars
With all these things to finish, I sure hope I can be disciplined about not starting anything NEW!

I'm linking up with Oh Scrap and Monday Making.


Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

That is always my fear too...can I work without starting something new :)

Thanks for sharing all your lovely projects with Oh Scrap!

Jo said...

You have some beautiful projects happening. I'm sure you will get them done

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad the new owner of the quilt loves it. Hope you find your notes on the temp quilt. I just found my notes for my Harry Potter quilt that I hadn't worked on since 2013.

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