Friday, September 14, 2018

UFOs: FREE to a good home!!

Edited 9/18: Drawing is now closed - winners listed below and contacted via email.  Winners chosen with Random Number Generator.  Thanks for playing along!

I've participated in Cynthia's Quilty Adoption Event twice a year for a couple years now, so you'd think I'd have cleared out all of my UFOs.  WRONG!  Even though I moved this summer AND last summer, I STILL came across UFOs that I didn't even remember having!

The following 7 (seven!!) UFOs are up for grabs.  Let me know in a comment any and all projects that you'd be interested in winning, and if there is more than one taker out there by Tuesday evening (9/18), and I will randomly choose recipients.  My goal is to get these all out of the sewing room by the end of next week.  There are no restrictions on how you use the blocks - make something for yourself, for a family member, for a charity, to sell - it doesn't matter to me.  I will ship at my expense anywhere in the US and CANADA.


A.  WESTERING WOMEN Congratulations, Rebecca! Please send me your address so I can mail your package.  There is no email address attached to your profile.  If I don't hear from you by Saturday, I will draw a new winner.

In 2016, I participated in Barbara Brackman's Westering Women BOM.  I loved making the blocks and reading her posts, but I'm not really a fan of sampler quilts, so I doubt I'll ever make the last three blocks and put it together.  Will you?  I tried to use repro fabrics, and in addition to the nine 12.5" (unfinished size) blocks I made, I will send what I have left of the fabrics I used in the blocks, in case you want to go ahead and make the last three blocks.  Some are just scraps, others are as big as a quarter yard or more.

B. DOTTY Congratulations, Patricia!  Package mailed!

I love polka dots, and I love black as a contrast color.  But I can't for the life of me figure out where I was going with this project.  Half the 9" (unfinished size) blocks are a square in a square, while the other half are a type of sunburst.  The polka dot fabric is all Love by Amy Butler.  The black is likely a Kona solid, but I can't guarantee that.  There are still three uncut fat quarters of polka dot and two 10"xWOF pieces of black along with the leftover bits of the fabrics I already cut (basically 7.5"x21" each).

C.  JASON Congratulations, Louise! Package mailed!

Do you know a Jason?  I began a quilt for my son, Jason, back when we were taking karate.  The quilt was going to feature the colors of the belt up to black belt.  However, after receiving our black belts, we stopped taking karate, so this project screeched to a halt.  There is a 56"xWOF piece of the black solid, nine 8" (unfinished size) wonky stars in a rainbow of colors, and some various sized scraps of the rainbow solids (but no white or blue).  There are two pieced border strips and a free-pieced wonky JASON.  I can't even remember what this quilt was supposed to look like.

D. I SPY Congratulations, Crystal! Package mailed!

This was one of my first UFOs from before my second son (who is now 13) was even born, I think.  Which means my piecing is probably of questionable quality.  There are twenty-eight 6" (unfinished size) snowball blocks, twenty-two additional 6" squares of novelty fabric, and an 8"x72" piece of WOW background fabric.  The novelty fabric is everything from vehicles to frogs to aliens to ice cream, etc.

E.  STARS Congratulations, Linda! Package mailed!

I taught a class on these star blocks, but I doubt I'm going to make more.  They are 12.5" (unfinished size), and there are just 4 of them.

F. QUILT SAYINGS Congratulations, Cheryl! Package mailed!

I had completely forgotten about the block lotto in my guild over a decade ago when I won these blocks.  I don't even know which block I made!!  (although I think I made the wonky star - very much my style)  Each block is 12.5" (unfinished size) and includes a quilty saying.  I've included a couple close ups of the sayings for you.

G.  MEDALLION Congratulations, Sharon!  Please send me your address so I can mail your package.  There is no email address attached to your profile.  If I don't hear from you by Saturday, I will draw a new winner.

This was the beginnings of my first attempt to make a quilt for my mom, well over a decade ago.  I liked the idea of a medallion, but I just couldn't pull it together.  The center piece is about 42" square, and there is an extra 4.5" (unfinished size) flower block and an aborted pieced corner piece.  There are two 25"xWOF pieces of the background fabric.

Thanks for helping me out.  I've been on a major de-stash kick lately, and this, along with the fabric and yarn I've been steadily adding to my ETSY shop, is helping me to stay organized, focus and FINISH!

I'm linking up with Cynthia's Quilty Adoption Event.  Check it out to see if there are other items out there that you'd like.


Becky said...

If you still have the Westering Women, I'd love to have it!

Amanda Best said...

I would love to have A. and/or B. Your Westering Women blocks are great. I have followed Barbara Brackman's blogs, and quilt alongs for several years, I made the Dixie Diary, some of the Civil War Sampler, and three versions of the Grandmother's Choice one, I didn't do this one, but I would love to finish yours up! I love the colors and prints!
The Dotty blocks would be fun to make into a quilt,too.
Thanks for the chance.
My email is:

Julie Fukuda said...

I Spy is my very most favorite for making baby quilts. I especially like to make those for older siblings to play with and teach the baby words ... or even to practice another language ... nouns, verbs, adjectives (can you tell I'm a teacher?) I could give you the address of my daughter in Boston because she is always sending me boxes of goodies.
I don't know where you find the time so start so many projects. My UFOs are all in my brain.

Rebecca Smith said...

I did the Westering Women to the stage of quilting the QAYG and I’d like to make it bigger. I also like B,D,Eand F my guild does fire victim quilts so I think I could use them for those.

Sherry said...

I would like the quilt sayings one if it is still available.

Hoping you get takers for all your UFOs.

Lost Acres Farms said...

Oh those wonky stars!!! I have a box set aside and I make one a month or so. Still love them and would love yours . . . #flashbackto your lex days!! Linda

Louise said...

Any of these would work well for the charity guild I belong to! So if you have any left over after sending them out to folks who want something particular, I'd be happy to clean up the remainders :)

Joyce Carter said...

I would love to have the Westering Women blocks or the quilt sayings. I love making sampler quilts and this is what I make most of the time so either of these blocks would be something I would use and love. Thank you very much for your giveaway.

mpv61 said...

I would like E., "Stars" to use to on the back of the two Quilts of Valor I'm working on. Thanks for the opportunity!

Valerie said...

I would love to finish your I Spy quilt, they make great gifts for kids! Thanks for the chance.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Your blocks are all so tempting! But it looks like they are finding good homes. Thanks for participating again in the Quilty Adoption Event!

Crystal_235 said...

I would love the I spy if you still have it. I've made a few I spy quilts, my kids love them.

Sharon Sauser said...

Almost all the quilts I make are for donation. This year I finished up the last of the UFO's from a friend that died last year. I enjoyed doing that. I would like any of these: Westering Women, Dotty, and/or Medallion to finish to give away, if you choose my name. Sharon

Patricia from Canada. said...

The guild I belong to makes quilts for individuals undergoing chemo treatments at our local hospital. The patients choose any one of the quilts they like and use it to keep warm in the unit and get to keep it after all of their treatments have been completed. Notes from the people receiving them indicate they appreciate the care and love which is sewn into every quilt.
It any of the UFO's have not Patricia from Canada. formerly (POdesigns blog)

Patricia Orell said...

Should read: If any of the UFOs are still available I would appreciate one of them. Thank you for you generosity in giving all of these way.
Patricia from Canada.

The Joyful Quilter said...

E. Stars and F. Quilt Sayings said they would LOVE to come live at my house!! Did you hear them? If so, let me know. :o))

Lisa C said...

If memory serves correctly, I won one of your UFO's a few years ago. Orange and royal blue? I turned it into a baby quilt and donated it to a women's abuse shelter. Anyway, I'd love to win the first one or the stars. Again, I'd turn them into quilts for the women's abuse shelter. Thanks so much for doing this. I'll gladly pay shipping.

The Cozy Quilter said...

I would be happy to receive Westering women one quilt guild makes quilts for chemo patients and I would complete it for that project. Thanks for your generosity,

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I printed out all the directions for Westering Women, but, never got to get started on them. I could finish 3 blocks. You should put the stars with the quilt sayings. The colors are all the same, as are the sizes. They would make some fun table runners. I could make at least 4 table runners out of those combined.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Thanks Erin!