Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Quilts - Updates!

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Lots of updates to share about the Hurricane Sandy quilts project.  Look closely, and maybe you'll be able to see your quilt blocks in one of these photos.  First of all, more quilts have been finished and delivered:
Thanks, Char, for quilting and binding and shipping  it.  Thanks to everyone for the blocks and the backing! 
Thanks, Anita, for quilting and binding and shipping it.  Thanks for everyone for the blocks and the backing! This one is backed with a flannel sheet someone donated, so it will be nice and soft and cozy!  And do you see in the top of the photo, there's a scrappy quilt on that chair and a quilted tree skirt, I think.  Gosh, I wish the photo panned out more so I could see those better - I love looking at other people's quilts!  Oh, and Anita, saint that she is, is currently quilting yet another of these quilts for us!
Thanks, Marilyn, for quilting and binding and shipping it!  Thanks everyone for the blocks and backing! 
There's another completed and ready to be delivered quilt here with me that just got its binding from one of my guild members (thanks, Karin!) and needs shipping off - I'm waiting for the other one here that is getting bound by another guild member (thanks, Judy!) so they can go together, hopefully early next week.  Photos will come later for those two.

Then, there are a bunch of completed tops!  I'm still working on assembling my fifth top, but here are 3 more that are currently living with me until I can find a volunteer quilter or get to them myself:

Thanks, Pam, Kerry and Elizabeth (all from my quilt guild!) for assembling them, and thanks to everyone for the blocks! (excuse the mess in my sewing room!)
Plus, Becki assembled one top, and is in the process of assembling another:
Thanks, Becki!  I swiped this photo from your FB page.  Am I forgiven? 
In addition to that, there are blocks being assembled by 7 of my local friends and guild members.  Thanks Alma, Nancy, Elizabeth, Michelle, Julia, Caroline and Sue!

The mail for the past week has brought in more than 100 more blocks!
Thanks, JoAnn, Nancy, Eileen, Kay, Sharon, Teddy, Beth, Carolynn, Annette, K Roy, Lori, C Berge, Diane and Carol!
We are now at just under 1300 Disappearing 4-patch Blocks received - enough for over 30 quilts! (that doesn't include other types of blocks sent or quilt tops or completed quilts sent - just amazing!)

And they ARE being delivered to those in need!  Check out this link on Victoria's blog to see a photo of the first of our Disappearing 4-patch quilts and it's recipient!!!!

Plus, we've gotten these messages of thanks from Blankie Depot in NJ and the Acacia Network in NY:

11/16/12 from Blankie Depot:

Dear Erin & friends in service to others,

This afternoon, we received your beautiful donations, thank you so much

Every cozy and cheerful quilt will be heading to a specific volunteer outpost in Long Beach Island, Howell, Long Branch, Keansburg and Red Bank, NJ.  The families affected by Hurricane Sandy had been without electric and gas service until just this week.  Many "islanders" have lost their homes and it is our mission to provide warmth and compassion during a time of unthinkable loss.  Some families are going to be without permanent housing for some time.

Thank YOU for sharing your time and creative talents with NJ residents affected by the storm.  It has been such a pleasure to take your calls, respond to your generous emails and experience how beautifully the crafting for charity community comes together to help others. 

Hugs from this Jersey girl!

12/7/12 from Blankie Depot:
Dear Erin,

Thank you for sending additional quilts to us.  We are coordinating a delivery to families in Wall Township on Saturday and your beautiful contributions will be a part of that special day.

We greatly appreciate the time and considerable talents you are sharing with families impacted by the storm.  The show of solidarity across the country is a strong message of hope and healing.

Hugs from your friends @ Blankie Depot.

12/8/12 from Blankie Depot:
Box two arrived this morning, Erin!  Just beautiful.  Along with quilts created by fellow volunteers we will be distributing donations to families impacted by the storm in Hoboken, NJ on Monday.  Your compassionate donation brings a good deal of comfort to those displaced by the super storm.

Thank you so much!

12/3/12 from Acacia Network:
Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt and/or warm clothes you donated to the Bumble Beans and Acacia Network Quilt Drive. Rest assured that your donation will be received by someone who truly needs it. Thanks again for your kindness. A thank you note will follow if you provided an address with your donation.

Together, we are making a difference!  Thank you to all of you for helping make my little goal of making a quilt or two for Hurricane Sandy victims into a huge, happy, scrappy dream come true!

(and my apologies if I have left you off my thank yous or Heroes list - I'm not the most organized person in the world, so keeping all of this straight is straining my little brain!)


The Cozy Quilter said...

You and your big heart are doing great things!

Julierose said...

This is so heartwarming to hear...I am proud to belong to a quilting community of bloggers that jumps right in to help out...Julierose

Becki White said...

Erin -- Of course I forgive you. I tried to post the best photo (taken by my husband) and assumed that it would find it's way to your blog, as you are so photo-focused. :)

Think the second quilt top will start coming together tonight. I may go with the crib quilt option, considering many kids were affected, too. I may even try to quilt that one myself. :)

Thank you for coordinating such a huge project!

wackywoman said...

You are an angel.

Debbie said...

Great job, Erin. I knew you had started something big. Isn't great to do what you were appointed to do? Blessings.

Barb H said...

You're doing an amazing job, Erin. My part of it, making a few blocks, is nothing compared to all the organization and coordination you're doing. Every quilt will be used and treasured in the cold months ahead for Sandy families. Thank YOU for inviting all of us to be part of your idea.

KaHolly said...

Erin, you blow me away!! Well done!

Char said...

It's wonderful to see the finished quilts. I am glad I could help!

Auntie Em said...

Thank you so much for sharing those letters. It's a wonderful thing you are doing.

Nancy said...

I am finally ready to send my quilt off tomorrow, but I noticed on the blog your linked to for Victoria that she is now in Tanzania, and I saw a notice that her quilt drive ended Dec. 7. Unless you have another suggestion I will send my quilt to Blankie Depot. They don't accept used items, so I guess I will keep, or donate to Goodwill locally the three throws I was planning to send with my quilt.