Friday, November 2, 2012


Your collective response to my call for quilt blocks to make quilts for the victims of Hurricane Sandy has been phenomenal!  I'm so excited to get these quilts together and humbled that you would participate in my little project.  And it is certainly motivating to know that there are quilters all across the US, Canada and Great Britain who are constructing blocks for this.  Knowing that was the little extra I needed to head downstairs for an hour last night after putting the kids to bed, instead of heading to bed myself after a pretty lousy day (stress at work, it'll pass).

I made four more blocks, started construction on two more, and pulled fabric for about 6 more.  I hope to have made at least 20 blocks by the time the weekend is over.  (Maybe 24 since we get an extra hour as we move our clocks back?)

If you are just tuning in and want to participate, the block instructions are on my last post.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  You are THE BEST!


Char said...

Did a post this morning. I hope it helps to bring you a few more blocks.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I ran a post too - hope there is someone near you that can come assist with the assembly/quilting. And let us know if you need help with backing, batt and mailing.

Raggedy Sister said...

I'd like to send you some blocks too.
I started making one just to try it, and somehow made 5. They are fun to make, and a good break from worrying.

thepiececorps said...

Do we have a mailing address? Would love to send blox