Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I know that pride is a sin, but gosh, sometimes I just can't help it!

I received a number of packages in the mail yesterday with quilt blocks for the Hurricane Sandy Relief quilts, plus received PayPal donations for batting.  In one of the packages was a little note on this paper:

Yup, I'm PROUD to be a quilter, too!  You guys are awesome!  Look at the 28 beautiful blocks that came in just yesterday from NC, SC (2), DC, AZ, CA, and CT!
28 blocks received 11/5 - thanks, Sheila, Liz, Linda, Nancy, Debbie, Lisa, and Elaine! 
I was tempted to add them to the 17 I've made and start sewing them into a quilt (just 42 blocks  needed for a 72" x 84" twin sized quilt), but I decided to wait until I get the mail today so I'll have more variety and options.

I've added a new element to my blog - see over there on the top right?  MY HEROES!  I doubt I'll have a chance to email everyone who sends donated blocks and fabrics and whatnot, but I am going to take a group photo of all blocks received in a given day and give a shout out in that post, plus I am going to keep a running list over there under My Heroes.  I know you guys don't do it for recognition, but you deserve recognition nonetheless.  You are my heroes!  A reader who is sending blocks shared with me this quote that seemed so appropriate for what we are doing together:

"When we cast our bread upon the waters, we can presume that someone downstream whose face we will never know will benefit from our action, as we who are downstream from another will profit from that grantor's gift." ~ Maya Angelou~

I hope to get one top assembled tonight before I hunker down in front of the TV to see who wins the election.  I know that is going to stress me out, so I have my hand sewing project picked out and ready to work on to soothe my nerves.  Remember this little cutie that I started a while back before my Quilter's ADD kicked in again?
My version of a mini I saw on Julie's blog last month 
I hope to finish the embroidery and buttons so I can sandwich it and start the hand quilting the next time I am sitting somewhere with nothing for my hands to do.  What do YOU do to keep yourself sane and calm during times of stress?


Becky said...

Erin, I have 5 blocks completed and will get them out as soon as I can get them in an envelope. I've been sick and I'm not much good for anything. So just remember you have 5 more coming!

wackywoman said...

Sent mine in yesterday's mail. Just about to get out and vote myself.

Lisa said...

Yay - I'm so glad they arrived. I was kinda nervous when I couldn't track it. And don't they all look gorgeous together? I'm jealous I won't get to help, but I bet you and your guild will have a blast! Have fun, Lisa

joe tulips said...

I was home yesterday and worked on my mini!! I am down to just a little bit of quilting left and then the binding! Tell me if you will need more blocks. As I looked at the ones that have arrived...mine should fit right in.

Char said...

Must be so exciting seeing those blocks coming in. I love the mini. I voted this morning and will be crocheting while I watch the returns tonight.
I sent my blocks out yesterday morning.

Shay said...

Those blocks are looking fabulous laid out like that. And by the way I think judging by the response to your block request you are a hero to lots of other people!

Julie Fukuda said...

I just got up and turned on the TV news. I am beginning to think I need to turn it off and get out of the house rather than listen to partial blow-by-blow results of the election.
My Ohio ballot never arrived. (first time in 50 years)

Sheila said...

I agree with Shay. You are a hero, dear Erin. Your quilts will be bring warmth and comfort.

Frog Quilter said...

Hi Erin, just saw all the back posts. Glad you got a kick out of my note. I Love To Quilt! It makes such a difference in a persons life. Liz