Monday, November 26, 2012

Back at it!

I'm back at work. Yay.

(was that convincing?)

The problem with working is that it keeps me from doing other things.  I put together another quilt top this weekend, but I have so many more to go!
The 4th top I've assembled so far.
4 more blocks arrived on Saturday - thanks Marlene from New Zealand and Robin from CA!  Aren't they pretty?

And I finished one open block on my Scrappy String Star quilt, but there are 3 more of those to fill up.
I'm loving the look, even if I did orient it sideways.  Looks very folk artsy to me. 
Close up of my big stitches with embroidery floss
I made 4 freehand mugs for November's Block Lotto, but I'd love to make the maximum 9 blocks so I have more chances to win.

Instead, I'm at work.

Better get back to it.

Happy Monday, everyone. (in my best Eeyore voice)


Wacky Woman said...

Look at you go!

beth said...

Those cups are tempting me to join block lotto! Love them!

Unknown said...

I have made a box of blocks for you. I think maybe about 20,but i kept sewing until i filled the box. I hope they help. I will keep sewing until you say stop. I plan to send one package a week or so. This has helped cut down the stash. On behalf of all those who helped myself and the other Katrina survivors THANK YOU for letting others help those who helped us when were in dire straits. Laurel La Place,Louisiana.

Shay said...

I hear you girl. Work often interferes with the things we'd rather be doing doesn't it?

joe tulips said...

I now exactly how you feel (felt) going back was torture today. I got so much done over the long weekend.
Love the mugs! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have always said that the work schedule interfered with my quilty least, now I have the option of saying no when called (I am now casual on call/retired)!!! Those quilts are awesome!

Unknown said...

I haven't really been blogging much lately, just went over to your blog and am truly amazed at what you get done! You go girl! God bless!