Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wild and wonderful! (giveaway)

I am on the road...


But it is my last trip of the fall, and one of my favorites - Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.  The foliage in the mountains this time of year is breathtaking, the people are friendly, the air is crisp and clean - it is a nice trip.  Plus, there are lots of QUILT SHOPS on my driving routes!

I stopped at one today, and there was a sale table with $4/yard fabric.  I snapped up two that caught my eye, as well as a baggie of orange and yellow solid scraps that I thought went well with one of the prints plus a quilting stencil for quilt borders.
I think this fabric will end up being an apron and matching potholders as a Christmas gift.

Not sure what I'm going to do with this fabric yet.
Gotta support the LQS, even if it isn't MY Local Quilt Shop!

And a blog reader bought one of my fabric composition books from my ETSY shop today.  THANK YOU!

To celebrate the ETSY sale and my sale purchases, I'm going to give away half a yard of each of these fabrics, plus some of whatever I pick up from tomorrow's quilt shop stop (yeah, I plan a quilt shop stop every day of my driving trips).

To get your name in the drawing, how about you leave a comment with a suggestion for what I can be for Halloween this year.  In recent years, I have been a nun,
Halloween 2011
a cowgirl bandit,
Halloween 2009
a witch,
Halloween 2008
a basketball player and Pocahontas.  I'm looking for ideas of something easy to throw together on a budget (my disposable income goes towards FABRIC, not costumes!).  I'll draw a winner on Monday morning, October 15.

In the meantime, I have finished putting the binding on my Orange Creamsicle quilt, and now just need to finish quilting the border.
Lousy cell phone photo, so you can't see the quilting, but you can see that there is a pale yellow binding on it.
One good thing about road trips - I get lots of hand sewing done in my hotel rooms in the evening.


barbara woods said...

you could dress up as peter pan or tinker bell

Julie Fukuda said...

Put on a Scout uniform, get a walking stick and a Smoky Bear hat and go as Baden Powell. Have fun!

Cheryl Willis said...

whatever you decided I bet your boys will have fun. I have always wanted to wear bell bottoms and a tie-die T shirt and go as a hippie, now I would be a different kinds of hippie (kinda large hips kind- lol)
make several aprons and go as the kool-aid mom, when people say they like your apron, sell it to them.
I would do more neighborhood time if I could sell door to door!!

jirons42 said...

My kids favorite is when I dress up as a clown. They didn't like that I went to my daughter's soccer game that way because I had to leave immediately after the game to a Halloween party.

Gill said...

I'm English so how about Mary Poppins!!
Have a great trip!

Chiska said...

My sister-in-law puts on a cape and a sign that says "Super Mom"

StitchinByTheLake said...

Easy and usually stuff you have at home - lots of camo and be a soldier. :) blessings, marlene

Caz said...

What about dressing up as Edward Scissorhands?????

Shay said...

Im hopeless at coming up with ideas. How about a lady bird? Black pants , a red shirt and could whizz up the rest out of cardboard and paint?

Char said...

That Orange Creamsicle quilt is gorgeous!
As for a costume Cleopatra comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric finds! especially the floral in the first for costume ideas...why not go as a karate master...don't you have your black belt? Or I have large butterfly wings you could borrow...

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Dress up as a Hobo. Buy a men's suit at the thrift store, baste some patches on it, get and old style hat, paint some 'whiskers' on your face, and maybe black out a tooth. Tie a bandana 'bag' to a stick, and you are done. My mother used to do this when she was tired of her witch costume. Oh yea, use old rope for the belt.